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MSFHTII Cast Member Interview: Melissa Zaccardelli

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

..just a lil sumpin’ sumpin’: Im a Montrealer! i Futzed around the good ‘ol 514 until i left to study at American academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC. I got my theatre on in ny and l.a for a couple years, then headed back to canada! Moved to el 416, won the honor of being a Monkey, and I play with toronto’s sketch teams: ‘Faceplant’, and ‘The Syndicate’.

2. Do you have a blog or website?

yeeah, i should get on that shouldn’t i.

3. Is this your first Monkeyman show? If not, what monkey-credits do you have under your belt?

Monkeyman before? YES! I played ‘Maddie’ in Jordan hall’s play ‘Second last man on earth’.

4. Tell us a little about the character you are playing.

Roxy. She is a fashionista and the Slayer of all things undead.

5. Monkeyman Productions tends to produce shows that are a little on the “nerdy” side. What do you get nerdy about?

Well, Im gonna go for the honesty policy on this one Bob. I sometimes feel that i am a little less “nerdy” than the rest of my tribe. but every once in a while i get a real zinger in there that surprises ’em all. Oh, i am bedeviled by anything that Vincent price was in. ..Vincent Price, *sigh*.

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