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Whimsey and Whiffle’s World of Wonders

Welcome to the life of Matilde Whimsey and Wilhelmina Whiffle.

Twenty years ago, they met and fell in love while tracking a lake monster in the wilds of Southern Quebec. Their every day since has been filled with mystery and adventure, portable recorders in hand, accompanied by LeRoy, their loyal pot-bellied pig. Whether it’s Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, or their own backyard, one thing is always certain – their world will be filled with wonders.

Whimsey and Whiffle’s World of Wonders. A new podcast series, coming in 2019 from Monkeyman Productions.

  • Casting for our podcast series Monkeyman Productions is in the process of coming back, with what we hope will be a big ongoing project – a fiction podcast series that’s got weird paranormal stuff, fun queer relationship stuff, plans to integrate marginalized voices, includes in the main cast a pot-bellied pig … it’s all sorts of cool and positive and ...