MonkeyTales – Final Trailer!

Hi ho, D.J. Sylvis here, from Monkeyman Productions. We’re less than two weeks away from launching MonkeyTales, our new hopepunk audio fiction anthology series, and I am so, so, so excited to share these stories with you. Here’s another peek at what we’ve got in store:

Episode 1, coming December 9th, is a short contemporary piece called “Stars,” featuring Sena Bryer and Cole Burkhardt, about two long-distance non-binary loves looking up at the night sky together:

Clip from Episode 1, “Stars”, featuring Sena Bryer and Cole Burkhardt; written by D.J. Sylvis

The second episode, January 9th – you might see a pattern emerging here, 9 was my lucky number when I was a kid – is a monologue called “Super,” featuring Martin Chodorek, one of our company’s founding members, and it’s a story about one of those folks who dress up in a costume and greet passers-by on street corners – and the costume he’s chosen is a very special one:

Clip from Episode 2, “Super”, featuring Martin Chodorek; written by D.J. Sylvis

Next in March – yes, March 9th, we’ll be moving into the future with Chance, a story of a scout ship orbiting a far-off planet, and the two friends who are thrown together on this mission. It features Tina Daniels and Danielle Shemiah:

Clip from Episode 3, “Chance”, featuring Tina Daniels and Danielle Shemaiah; written by D.J. Sylvis

We aren’t quite finished recording the episode after that, which will be a full-on superhero universe story, but a fairly domestic one, called “Fortress of Solitude.” But what I do have right now are a couple of the cameos for that episode – there’s going to be a lot of flipping television channels in the background, and we’re going to hear some fun bits of what’s on:

Clips from Episode 4, “Fortress of Solitude”, featuring Steven LaFond, Mandy Hall, and Dallas Wheatley

And that’s where we’ll leave it for now. But there are definitely plans, and stories, to come after that – we’re hoping to keep up our monthly schedule for a good run, and eventually to bring some other creators into the fold as well. I hope you’re intrigued by what you’ve heard – you can add us to all your podcast apps now, watch out for monthly episodes beginning December 9th, and we’ll go on some hopepunk adventures together. I truly can’t wait.


You can find MonkeyTales online at You can follow us on Twitter, and follow Monkeyman Productions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates. Finally, if you want to help support this sort of storytelling and get great perks including early access to episodes, you can become one of our backers at patreon dot com slash monkeymanproductions.

MonkeyTales cover art is by Cora May. Our theme song is “Follow the Muse,” by Deborah Linden.

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