1 MC & 1 DJ – Pop Culture Footnotes

1 MC & 1 DJ: An exclusive series of discussions between the AD and GM of Monkeyman Productions… two men of letters. This edition’s topic: Pop Culture Footnotes – The Language of Monkeyman

A glimpse at Uncharted Zones

As we wrap up the workshopping phase and move into the rehearsal hall, we wanted to share some photos from the process so far! If you prefer glimpses of the written kind, our playwright D.J. Sylvis has also been chronicling his take on the process over on his personal site.

Why Five Bucks Will Drive You Insane

In my almost three decades of being alive, I have played a lot of videogames on the computer, the entertainment system, and the Tiger Handheld Console. In that time, I shudder to think how much I have spent on games and how casually I did so. I once splurged on a brand new video card for my mom’s computer with no idea how it would work or if it would work – solely so I could play the much maligned Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG.