Art created by our fans or commissioned for our shows! Please visit the links for each artist and give them your support!

Moonbase Theta, Out

Against a background of holly leaves and the words, "Happy Holidays!", we see Ashwini and Jaxon close together. Ashwini is holding a sprig of mistletoe above them and they seem about to kiss. Ashwini is wearing a lab coat over a sweater with Christmas lights, and Jaxon is wearing a sweater that appears to have Rudolph over a green background.

Happy Holidays – Ashwini / Jaxon by Grendel Menz – Twitter

A watercolour version of the MTO logo, with a bunker on the surface of the moon, a comms tower in the foreground, and a colourful sky overhead

FAN ART – MTO Logo by Tal Minear – Website

A digital painting of a bearded person with nose piercings, wearing a purple shirt and black pants decorated with rainbows, lies with their weight on their back and shoulders, legs in the air. They are in front of a flat yellow background, cradling a bottle of alcohol in one hand. Their speech bubble says "Ugh." In the background, big pink square speech bubbles coming from somebody else not pictured say "Hello...?" and "You are acting in a way that is... well.."

FAN ART – Dr. Ashwini Ray by Grendel Menz – Twitter

A digital half portrait of a person with a braid, facial piercings, and a cap, tinkering with their mechanical arm and grimacing. They are set against a marigold yellow background. Wires are dangling from the arm which is sparking, and a speech bubble coming from the arm says, "GRR. CHCHCK. GKK!"

FAN ART – Wilder #1 by Grendel Menz – Twitter

Digital painting of a person wearing a cap that is standing on the surface of the moon in a full space suit. The person and moon are brown, the background is a dark green. They are carrying a mechanical part under one arm and the other hand is placed on their hip. A speech bubble reads, "Sure hope I don't interfere with nothin' scientific."

FAN ART – Wilder #2 by Grendel Menz – Twitter

Digital painting of a dark-haired person dressed in a black shirt and black pants that is sitting, one leg crossed over the other, with their arms folded across their chest. They have a metal chest plate and knee pad, and a bandaid across their nose. They are set against a grey background with a light grey border, and are surrounded by stars.

FAN ART – Michell L’Anglois by Blair – Twitter

Digital painting of two large white dogs with a starry sky and a bit of shadow behind them. It's a bit of a 'woodcut' style, though full colour. One dog has their tongue out, one doesn't.

COMMISSIONED – Cas & Pol by Cora May – Instagram

Digital painting of a person sitting in a chair in front of their computer screen, wearing headphones and a Moonbase Theta t-shirt. They are holding a coffee cup that has leaked and left rings on pieces of paper that sit on their desk. On the back of the monitor held on with tape is a photo of two people looking at the camera and smiling.

COMMISSIONED – Roger Bragado-Fischer by Rosenkranz – Tumblr

A digital painting of five members of the Moonbase Theta crew in holiday sweaters, lined up for a group photo. a sign behind them says "Happy Holidays."

COMMISSIONED – Base Theta Christmas Card by Rosenkranz – Tumblr

A digital painting of a person against a red background. They are wearing glasses, a reindeer holiday sweater, and a lab coat over the top. They are smiling and holding up a dinosaur puppet on their right index finger. Text at the top and bottom of the picture reads, "Happy Rawr-idays!"

COMMISSIONED – Happy Rawr-idays! by Rosenkranz – Tumblr

Sketch of a person wearing safety goggles studying multiple computer screen holograms that hover in front of them. Sketch is in blue and green pencil. The person is smiling.

COMMISSIONED – Tumnus Sketch by Rosenkranz – Tumblr

Digital art of a food advertisement. A rectangular pink slab sits in the middle, a couple of slices have been made from it and are curling over. A knife, fork, and shuriken have all been sunken into the slab. There is a yellow circle behind it, highlighting the slab against a muted green background. Several bits of text are scrawled across the image. They read, 
"Much Slab! WOW! So Chunks!"
"Very Knife!"
"Is it powder?"
"Now bits!"
"En-Soy Yourself!"
COMMISSIONED – En-Soy-Ment by Peter Chiykowski – Website
Digital art of a pink tardigrade floating in front of a large white moon, with stars in a black background. Image has a thick hexagonal border with writing. Yellow stars appear on the north-east, and south-west sides. Text on the east and west sides says, "Moonbase Theta." Text on the north-west and south-east side says, "Project Gro-Bear."

COMMISSIONED – Project Gro-Bear Patch by E.C. Mazur – Website

Photograph of the outer-side of somebody's forearm, showing a tattoo from their wrist to their elbow. The Moonbase Theta tower sits on the moon, sending out signal waves decorated with lightning bolts and stars to the silhouette of a person sitting with two dogs amongst the trees, next to a satellite dish. Text across the signal waves reads "BROADCASTING."

COMMISSIONED – MTO Tattoo by Robyn Lee – Token Tattoo