Waiting For October

The cover art for the show is of a tree stump in a forest with various monstrous limbs reaching around it - a clawed hand, a wing, a few tentacles - and on the stump itself is an open book with mystical energy rising from it. The colours of the woods behind are very red and orange. Superimposed are the words, "Waiting For October"

Casting Call for Season 1 – click through for all the details!

Waiting For October is an upcoming queer supernatural audio drama series from the creators of Moonbase Theta, Out. The setting is the world of October – a place of monsters, a place of fiction, a place of others born from the need of our stories. It’s a world that’s wild and transformative, where gill folks live in the lakes and weres run through the city streets, while kaiju roar beyond the mountains and the Moon always fills the midnight sky …

THANK YOU FOR A SUCCESSFUL CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN! We can’t wait to bring this show to you and share our monstrous world!

Check out the first trailer for Waiting For October!

Cast and Crew

Producers – D.J. Sylvis (they/them), Tina Case (she/her), and Sarah Müller (they/them). Written by D.J. Sylvis. Original music by Trace Callahan; podcast artwork by Charli Vince Illustration.

  • Tina Case as YVONNE, a human
  • Robin Regalado as KARO, previously from the monster world
  • Leeman Kessler as RAVEN, a bird of mystery
  • Dallas Wheatley as GREY, a werewolf
  • D.J. Sylvis as THE ENDLING, a writer of the world
  • Tau Zaman as THE LINDWORM
  • David S. Dear as THE MOTHMAN
  • Rissa Montañez as GABI, a tree monster
  • Elissa Park as YUJIN, a bugbear
  • Cole Burkhardt as XAVI, of the Gill People
  • Cat Blackard and Josh Rubino – roles to be revealed later on!
  • more cast announcements coming soon!