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Episode 1 – “Stars”

(Release Date Dec. 9, 2019)
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featuring Sena Bryer and Cole Burkhardt; written by D.J. Sylvis

Stars is a conversation between two nonbinary lovers who have never met, brought closer by the universe that surrounds them both.

Sena Bryer (she/her) – Sena is a Los Angeles-based voice actor and writer. Relatively new to the acting world, her current credits include the narrator of the Steam Whistle Alley audiobook, and roles in the audio dramas The Pilgrimage Saga and Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services. She is also the author of the Dreambound novel series. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, tabletop RPGs, and petting dogs.

Cole Burkhardt (they/them) – Cole Burkhardt currently resides in Washington D.C and has tried everything from streaming tabletop games on Twitch to spelunking deep underground. They are the Creator and Co-Producer of the Piece of Cake Podcasting Network, a network devoted to helping people of color within the podcasting industry. They have voiced and produced a variety of podcasts, such as Unplaced, Project Ozma and Counterbalance. When they’re not working, Cole is traveling to conventions across the East Coast, discussing gender and sexuality in video games, tabletop games, podcasts and most other forms of media.
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Episode 2 – “Super”

(Release Date Jan. 9, 2020)
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featuring Martin Chodorek; written by D.J. Sylvis

On a busy city corner stands a guy in a Superman suit, taking pictures with tourists and asking for donations. You gotta be a little strange to choose that for your day to day, right?

Martin Chodorek (he/him) – Marty is a Torontonian tabletop roleplaying gaming enthusiast who is trying to be more than the sum of his privileged parts. He has frolicked in the worlds of D.J.’s imagination many times before and feels honoured to have been invited to return. He hopes you enjoy the sound of his voice and will have occasion to hear it in other places of the uncharted cyberwilderness soon.


Episode 3 – “Chance”

(Release Date Feb. 9, 2020)

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featuring Tina Daniels and Danielle Shemaiah; written by D.J. Sylvis

In a possible future, a scout ship orbits a distant planet. While the two women inside perform their duties, they reveal to one another more of their selves than ever before – and along the way, they discover what it truly means to take a chance.


Episode 4 – “A Man Who Wasn’t There”

(Release Date March 9, 2020)

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featuring Shannon Perry; written by D.J. Sylvis

This episode is a tribute to a beloved and influential author in my personal pantheon, Douglas Adams.  His work has entertained and amused me for most of my life – so this month I’ve dusted off a short story I wrote some years back called, “A Man Who Wasn’t There,” asked my friend and fellow enthusiast Shannon Perry to give it a dramatic reading, and here we are. Share and Enjoy!

Shannon Perry (she/her) — Word herder and consummate liar (in fiction, but never on her taxes), Shannon’s verbal skills long ago dictated that she would be a writer. Scribbler of Oz 9 podcast as well as kiddo books Marietta and the Creeping Nasties and Marietta and the Giant Mistake, Shannon is a firm believer that whimsy is serious business. She loves the writing of both Douglas Adams and DJ Sylvis and still can’t quite believe her luck being asked to narrate this piece.


Episode 5 – “Platypus”

(Release Date April 9, 2020)
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featuring Jas Lafond and Cap Blackard (special appearance by Evan Tess Murray); written by D.J. Sylvis

Twenty years ago, Lila and Jovette went to high school together. Neither had come out, life was far less than perfect, and they were far less than friends. Today they’ve met again for the first time – and sparks fly, but not necessarily the good kind.

Jas LaFond (they/them) — Jas LaFond is a social worker, co-host and co-writer of the Witcheverpath podcast, host of the Ask a Brown Feminem podcast, genderqueer advice columnist, event organizer and activist.  Helping to advocate and create spaces for marginalized communities is their passion and purpose, and they have dedicated their life to redefining ideas on mental health and what it is Queer and what it is to be a Person of Color. Currently Jas is working to create safe, uplifting spaces for the Queer folx and People of color in New Hampshire where both groups make up just a fraction of the population. It is Jas’ goal to eradicate stigma and stereotypes around what it means to be a part of a minority and  to promote equity for marginalized groups. Jas lives in Southern New Hampshire with their spouse and two children.

Cap Blackard (she/they) — Cap Blackard is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in writing, illustration, and podcasting. She’s the showrunner of the award-winning audio drama, The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, a queer horror-comedy; co-creator the forthcoming animated series, Lightning Dogs; and is Mother Brain of Omniverse, her media company focused on storytelling podcasts. Her forthcoming series, TRANScend is a genre-bending autobiography exploring her transgender journey and the interconnectedness of all things.


Episode 6 – “The Littlest Bugbear”

(Release Date May 9, 2020)
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featuring Tom Zalatnai; written by D.J. Sylvis

“The Littlest Bugbear lived in a side corridor far from the heart of the dungeon, with his Mother and Father and 1d8 siblings.” This month we take a trip into a familiar fantasy scenario, but not from a familiar point of view … 

Tom Zalatnai (they/them) – Tom is a non-binary podcaster & producer based out of Montreal. Follow them on Twitter at @tomzalatnai, and make sure to check out Natural Toonie, their D&D actual-play podcast, and Up For Discussion, the long-running emotionally honest comedy podcast.


MonkeyTales will be taking a short break after Ep. 6 – coming back soon with new stories and new writers! Watch out for news!


Cover art by Cora (@lavendercora). Theme song for MonkeyTales is “Follow the Muse” by Deborah Linden, from the album NaNoWriMusic 2008.


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