MonkeyTales! Coming December 9th! ***** Moonbase Theta, Out: Before the Moon!


a hopepunk audio fiction anthology series
coming soon from Monkeyman Productions

What is MonkeyTales? Break it down for me.

MonkeyTales will arrive monthly
beginning December 9, 2019.

You can find us at @MonkeyTalesPod or @MonkeymanProd on Twitter. Follow both to get all the latest news leading up to our launch!

Listen to our promo episode now!

Episode 1 – “Stars”

(Release Date Dec. 9, 2019)
featuring Sena Bryer and Cole Burkhardt; written by D.J. Sylvis
Stars is a conversation between two nonbinary lovers who have never met, brought closer by the universe that surrounds them both.

Episode 2 – “Super”

(Release Date Jan. 9, 2020)
featuring Martin Chodorek; written by D.J. Sylvis
On a busy city corner stands a guy in a Superman suit, taking pictures with tourists and asking for donations. You gotta be a little strange to choose that for your day to day, right?

Episode 3 – “Chance”

(Release Date Feb. 9, 2020)
featuring Tina Daniels and Danielle Shemaiah; written by D.J. Sylvis
In a possible future, a scout ship orbits a distant planet. While the two women inside perform their duties, they reveal to one another more of their selves than ever before – and along the way, they discover what it truly means to take a chance.

Episode 4 – “Fortress of Solitude”

(Release Date Mar. 9, 2020)
featuring Eddie Louise and Chip Michael; written by D.J. Sylvis
Paul and Norma are like any couple. They love, they laugh, they argue when one of them is late for dinner. But they’re struggling to keep a secret that could change everything: Norma is one of Earth’s mightiest superheroes! Do the problems of two little people stand a chance when the fate of the entire world is at stake?

Cover art by Cora (@lavendercora). Theme song for MonkeyTales is “Follow the Muse” by Deborah Linden, from the album NaNoWriMusic 2008.

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