Episode 11: “Pumpkin Patch”

Hand-drawn art of a group of figures around a fire - the two in the front look fairly human, but many of those behind are monsters of various types and sizes. The smoke of the fire rises overhead, and at the top drifts behind the word, "OCTOBER."

Welcome to the monster world of October, where weres run free and the Moon is always overhead. Karo, born in this world but living in ours, has brought their girlfriend for a first visit … and perhaps, something more. 

Transcript available here.

Written by D.J. Sylvis; with Liz Morey as Karo and Tina Daniels as Yvonne, with Dallas Wheatley and Leeman Kessler. Produced by D.J., Tina, and Sarah Müller. Audio production and original music by Trace Callahan. Our October cover art is by Grendel Menz.

MonkeyTales cover art is by Cora May. Our theme song is “Follow the Muse,” by Deborah Linden.

You can find more information on our website, or on Twitter under Monkeyman Productions or MonkeyTales. Our Patreon backers make the show possible – join them in support of independent audio fiction at https://www.patreon.com/monkeymanproductions; we’ve got some great perks including early access to all our shows and behind-the-scenes glimpses at what’s coming next.

We’re back, and we hope to be back again soon. Keep an eye out for future episodes from Ella Watts, H.E. Casson, and hopefully some more stories from October as well. Until then, friends! 

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