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Three to Get Ready: Indie Sci-Fi Podcast Kicks-Off New Season With Intimate Prologues

Moonbase Theta, Out – Diversity in Storytelling

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Moonbase Theta, Out – a sci-fi audio drama podcast

Reviews for Moonbase Theta, Out

Tor.com8 Sweet, Funny, Thrilling Queer Fiction Podcasts, June 2019
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“Going into Monkeyman Productions’ inaugural fiction podcast, knowing that it concerns a decommissioned corporate Moon base counting down its final weeks of operation, one would expect a bleak science fiction story about loneliness and the evils of capitalism. Instead, it’s hopeful. This is a credit to creator D.J. Sylvis’ scripts and lead Leeman Kessler’s performance as Roger Bragado-Fischer”

Alasdair StuartThe Full Lid, May 28, 2019
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“Moonbase Theta, Out is a masterclass in invention, writing and acting.”
“Leeman is utterly convincing here as a decent, put upon man in an impossible situation. it’s one of the best podcast performances I’ve ever heard.”
“Moonbase Theta, Out is everything science fiction likes to say it is. Character driven, action defined, intellectual and concerned with the human condition as well as the unfolding plot.”

Tuned In, Dialed UpEpisode 22, Recent Industry Developments, March 12, 2019
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NOTE: Pronouns and Gender in Moonbase Theta, Out

Theatrical Reviews

Mooney on TheatreUncharted Zones, December 2011
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“Eerie, thought-provoking and intimate, these four mini plays involve dialogue that connect well with the audience and draws the crowd in. We become captivated by the lives of the characters and the connections they make.”

Mooney on TheatreThe Simian Showcase, April 2011
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“Monkeyman Productions and their Simian Showcase are doing important work. It’s very silly work, but that makes it no less important.”

Mooney on TheatreGodzilla on Sundays, October 2009
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Godzilla on Sundays is for anyone that’s ever shared a nerdy obsession of any kind, that’s experienced the evolution of a childhood friendship, or that just needs a few good laughs.”