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Moonbase Theta, Out – a sci-fi audio drama podcast


Mooney on TheatreUncharted Zones, December 2011
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“Eerie, thought-provoking and intimate, these four mini plays involve dialogue that connect well with the audience and draws the crowd in. We become captivated by the lives of the characters and the connections they make.”

Mooney on TheatreThe Simian Showcase, April 2011
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“Monkeyman Productions and their Simian Showcase are doing important work. It’s very silly work, but that makes it no less important.”

Mooney on TheatreGodzilla on Sundays, October 2009
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Godzilla on Sundays is for anyone that’s ever shared a nerdy obsession of any kind, that’s experienced the evolution of a childhood friendship, or that just needs a few good laughs.”


Mondo Magazine: “Preview: The Simian Showcase” – The Simian Showcase, April 2011
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“MONDO’s art department doesn’t often have the opportunity to geek out as much as its neighbouring departments, Comics and Film. It’s just our luck, it seems, that tonight Monkeyman Productions, the self-described “geekiest theatre company in Toronto,” will present four new plays in its Simian Showcase, running at the Imperial Pub until April 16. Videogames, time travel, LARPing, and steampunk culture—it’s all covered.”

Eye Weekly: “Get us to the geek” – The Simian Showcase, April 2011
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“In the effort to get at universal truths, some theatre creators suggest that culture and human interests are eternal. Sometimes that’s true. Change the costumes and, voila, Hamlet can work in 21st-century Los Angeles. Throw some rocks onto the stage and, presto, Waiting for Godot is about cave dwellers. But sometimes it’s the very specificity of time, place and subcultural passions that gets to the heart of what it is to be human.”

Eye Weekly: “Sci-fi lo-fi” – The Banana Festival, April 2010
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“It’s not necessarily that we’re asking audiences to do something new. We’re just asking them to suspend a little more disbelief than they usually do.”