Moonbase Theta, Out

“Broadcasting … This is Roger Bragado-Fischer,
Communications, Moonbase Theta”

Moonbase Theta, Out - image is a cartoon of a small bunker on the Moon with a communications tower in the foreground.

A sci-fi audio fiction podcast from Monkeyman Productions.

It is 2098. The Moonbase program has been determined unprofitable. The last base, Theta, is twenty weeks from being decommissioned. Most of the crew is in stasis awaiting retrieval. Five remain – Roger Bragado-Fischer, Nessa Cheong, Ashwini Ray, Michell L’Anglois, and Wilder.

Join the crew of Moonbase Theta as they reach out to share the beauty, the isolation and frustration, the love and enmity, the humour, and the tragedy, as all count down to the operation’s end.

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ALL YOUR BASE: A Moonbase Theta, Out Miniseries!

Season One

Roger reports on the shutdown of the last Moonbase.

Season Two

The same 20 weeks from new perspectives!

Season Three

Moving Forward – on the Moon and Earth!

Special Episodes

Before the Moon, REMIXED and more!

Cast and Crew

Credits for all seasons are here!

Releases, Reviews and more!

Theme music is “Star” by Ramp. Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski.

Sound effects and music used in Moonbase Theta, Out are credited here.

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