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In Season 3, the story moves forward from the shutdown sequence, starting immediately after the last bonus episodes of S2. We alternate between three locations – Base Theta, where Roger and Tumnus are trying to sort out what comes next and how to rebuild; the Patrick Free Zone on Earth, where Alex finds a community but is unsure of his own next steps; and the Consortium offices of Rio-São Paolo, where we find the Enclave management down, but definitely not out.

The next season of MTO brings an expanded cast of characters – between returning and new there’s 28 all told – to a story that ranges from the Moon to planetside and back again, through three prologue minisodes and a 12-episode regular season. The continued lives and experiences you’ll hear are expansive, heartbreaking, thrilling, rueful, sometimes laughable, and always fighting for hope in the most uncertain and unexpected of times.

Welcome back to the Moon.

S3P1 – “One For The Money”Oct. 25, 2020Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 1/3 – Roger and Tumnus introduce themselves, discussing poetry and pronouns and Narnia and what comes next.

S3P2 – “Two For The Show”Nov. 1, 2020Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 2/3 – Tumnus and Roger join forces and make their way into the simulation for the first time, with a risk of kablooey.

S3P3 – “Three To Get Ready”Nov. 8, 2020Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 3/3 – This time, Roger and Tumnus really get down to it. Together, they fight crime.

S3E1 – “Moonwatch”Nov. 22, 2020Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode One – The season begins with an old-fashioned Roger monologue, then he joins Tumnus at the stasis pods – no more simulations. On Earth, Cas and Pol have a new piggy toy. Alex is there.

S3E2 – “Comeback”Dec. 6, 2020Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Two – “Don’t call it a …” On the moon, they begin revivals within the most chaotic department. Meanwhile, Alex works on fitting in with Moddy Sarah and the rest of the Free Zone.

S3E3 – “Changeover”Dec. 20, 2020Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Three – We get our first glimpse at the state of things inside the Consortium; sadly, no supervillain trap doors. On the moon, the Science Bros are already out of control – but Tumnus is working on a solution.

S3E4 – “Reclamation”Jan 3, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Four – Roger regrets his decisions. On Earth, Addie takes Alex on the inside with the technos and shocking discoveries are made. Back on the Moon, Wilder wakes up, and is very Wilder.

S3E5 – “Strategies”Jan 17, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Five – A crew meeting is held on Base Theta to attempt to determine next steps. The Science Bros have things all planned out, but Wilder and Jaxon have a plan of their own. Though it didn’t start with them…

S3E6 – “Pivot”Jan 31, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Six – We return to the Consortium where the plot is … definitely thicker. On the Moon, various parties pick up the pieces after the tempestuous Base Meeting last episode. Wilder sings. 

S3E7 – “Arrival”Feb 14, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Seven – Roger wanders the base at night and has a few encounters, while Tumnus reconnects with her past. On Earth, Alex meets someone else who is connected to a loved one on the moon.

S3E8 – “Exposure”Mar 14, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Eight – Alex and Elena have a conversation in the garden. On the Moon, the scientists are taken to task; Tumnus is introduced to someone new; and Roger has some of his own garden conversations.

S3E9 – “Release”Mar 28, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Nine – Monica and the Enclave Officer have a final visit; while on the Moon it’s another meeting, and a tempestuous awakening. In the Free Zone, Elena makes her case. 

S3E10 – “Volatile”Apr 11, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Ten – On the Moon and in the Consortium offices, things are heating up – with significant consequences. The Reception Bot shows its linguistic versatility; we hear the new En-Soy-Ment ad campaign.

S3E11 – “…”Apr 25, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Eleven – Base Theta deals with the aftermath; Michell and Tumnus team up to investigate the cause. In the Free Zone, the rocket launch is closer than ever; but a visitor finds cause for concern, which causes a change of plans for Alex.

S3E12 – “Go, Cat, Go”May 9, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Episode Twelve – SEASON 3 FINALE – In the expansive season finale, all three plotlines come to their climax. The Enclave Officer puts all his cards on the table; on Base Theta, the power struggles are decisively resolved; in the Free Zone, Alex counts down and says goodbye. In the end, Roger finishes his poem.

Post-Season Bonus Episodes!

S3 Interview SpecialMay 30, 2021Listen HereTranscript

At the end of Season 3, we sat down with a few of the newer cast members featured this season to chat about the process, their characters, what they thought was most interesting in their storylines, and more!

S3B1 – “Maria”June 13, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Bonus 1 – We hear from the final days on Moonbase Gamma, where Maria L’Anglois is desperately trying to reach her brother Michell.

S3B2 – “Gladys”June 27, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Bonus 2 – Doctor Day sends one last message back to her contact on Earth, teetering on the edge.

S3B3 – “Tumnus”July 11, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Bonus 3 – Tumnus is ready to talk things out – with a very special someone she’s never actually met.

S3B4 – “Patrick”July 25, 2021Listen HereTranscript

S3 Bonus 4 – Just after the events of the Season 3 Finale, we return to the residents of the Patrick Free Zone.

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