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Leeman Kessler, playing Roger Bragado-FischerLeeman Kessler as Roger Bragado-Fischer (pronouns he/him, character pronouns he/him)
Leeman Kessler is a Nigerian-born American actor who joined Monkeyman Productions in 2008 when he was cast as King Kong. His decade-long collaboration with Monkeyman has seen him acting, directing, and producing, and now he returns to be part of this exciting new podcast serial, Moonbase Theta Out. Listeners might also enjoy his long-running web-series Ask Lovecraft whose genesis began on the stage with Monkeyman and which was featured in the Toronto Fringe. He is patiently endured by his wife and two children.
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Gabriel Taneko, playing Alexandre Bragado-FischerGabriel Taneko as Alexandre Bragado-Fischer (pronouns he or they, character pronouns he or they)
I’m a simple dude from Brazil with a fervorous passion for all things audio related, from music composition, sound design, tracking, mixing, mastering, the technological aspects of microphones and recording gear, and also folk metal. Other types of metal, too, but mostly folk. Voice acting was my first real dream (I still love it and I still pursue a full fledged career in it), but now it has permanently evolved into audio in general, and my ultimate dream, now, is to build my own studio for voice over and music production! Now I’m here, involved in the production of Moonbase Theta, Out, hoping to get some good laughs, make some new friends and add another shining star to my portfolio!
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Cass McPhee as Michell L'AngloisCass McPhee as Michell L’Anglois (pronouns he/him, character pronouns he/him)
Cass McPhee is a trans voice actor / writer, with a pinch of dungeon master thrown in for good measure. A graduate of UNB for English / Communications, Cass cut his theatrical teeth with the Saint John Theatre Company before moving to Toronto. After swindling a President’s Medal out of Humber College by way of their Comedy Writing and Performance program, Cass studied voice acting under the inimitable Tracey Hoyt, and improv with the Bad Dog Theatre Company. His voice is heard in ESL learning materials and instruction videos across the globe. As a trans masculine voice actor with a naturally melodic voice, Cass tends to voice characters in the feminine spectrum. He is thrilled to finally lend his voice to a character who is also a trans man. Cass lives with Maya, his cat, and Joey, his sourdough starter.
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Elissa Park as Nessa CheongElissa Park as Nessa Cheong (pronouns she or they, character pronouns she/her)
Elissa Park is a Toronto based voice actor who’s been providing voice work for animations and games for almost 8 years. You can hear them on some other podcasts like The Cat Lover’s Circumstances, God Complex, Nym’s Nebulous Notions, and the upcoming Adventures of Beauty and the Beast! Elissa Park is extremely excited to be involved in Moonbase Theta Out, and to have the opportunity to work with other great actors from the very spicy province of Ontario and ACROSS SPACE.
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Tau Zaman as Ashwini RayTau Zaman as Ashwini Ray (pronouns they/them/their, character pronouns ze/zir)
Tau Zaman is the creator of CARAVAN, a weird-west audio adventure. Before that, Tau served as a staff writer for ars PARADOXICA, the flagship audio drama of podcast collective The Whisperforge. Never one to get a moment’s shut-eye, they helmed as Head Writer on Liminus, a performance experience that blends AR gaming technology with live theatre. Tau is so excited to lend their voice to some of their favorite audio dramas such as The AM Archives (by Atypical Artists) and Moonbase Theta, Out (by Monkeyman Productions). If you’re lucky, you may also catch their burlesque alter-ego on a stage near you.
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Tina Daniels as WilderTina Daniels as Wilder (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/they)
When she’s not fighting her cats for control of her recording space, she enjoys reading, creating coffee drinks, and pretending she’ll one day complete her Pokédex. As well as appearing as Wilder, Tina is currently a writer for Oakpodcast and stars as Elizabeth in the upcoming show The Influx Podcast. Other credits include Greater Boston, Forest Guide, The Beacon, and Lesser Evils. For information on upcoming projects, vegan recipes, and fur baby pictures, she can be found on twitter at @_tinad.
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Jen Ponton as [CHARACTER REDACTED]Jen Ponton as Tumnus (pronouns she/her)
Jen Ponton is an actor, writer, and fat activist, best known for her work on “Dietland,” “30 Rock,” and “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” She’s been featured on many podcasts, including Still Got It, WhoHaHa’s Woman of Size, and Mortified. She currently has several pilots in development. A lifelong New Jerseyan, she loves pizza, cursing, and The Boss. For more information, visit www.jenponton.com
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D.J. Sylvis - writer and editor of Moonbase Theta, OutD.J. Sylvis – Writer, Producer, Editor (pronouns he/him or they/them)
D.J. has been involved in theatre for over 25 years, and for the last ten years has been Monkeyman Productions’ Playwright-in-Residence and Business Manager – but this is his first foray into podcasting! Where do D.J.’s ideas come from? D.J. is inspired by monkeys, robots, cats, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bigfoot, that theme song from The Greatest American Hero, Arthur Kopit, 80s-era Justice League comics, various dystopias from his childhood (including Bible School), Lego spacemen, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (mostly the host segments), potato chips, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, yellowed sci-fi paperbacks, friends, enemies, strangers in the night … and all things strange and wonderful in this world.
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  • S1E12 – HE Casson as “Moddy Sarah” (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)
  • S2E5 – To Be Announced
  • S2E6 – To Be Announced
  • S2E7 – To Be Announced
  • S2E8 – To Be Announced
  • S2 IPM Special Episode – Multiple Guests To Be Announced

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