MTO Cast and Crew

Moonbase Theta, Out - image is a cartoon of a small bunker on the Moon with a communications tower in the foreground. The words "Cast and Crew" appear written across the bottom of the image.

Individual episode credits can be found in the transcripts on each season’s page.


D.J. Sylvis – Co-Producer, Writer, Director, voice of Enclave Officer (pronouns they/them, character pronouns he/him)
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Cass McPhee – Co-Producer, Audio Engineer, voice of Michell L’Anglois (pronouns he/they, character pronouns he/him)

Tina Case – Co-Producer, voice of Wilder (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/they)
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Theme music is “Star” by Ramp
Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski


Leeman Kessler as Roger Bragado-Fischer (pronouns he/him, character pronouns he/him)
TikTok – @mayorlovecraft ** ** Twitter

Gabriel Taneko as Alexandre Bragado-Fischer (pronouns he/him, character pronouns he/they)
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Journee LaFond as Addie (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)
Website ** Twitter ** Witchever Path

Jen Ponton as Tumnus (and Jen Ponton) (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/her)
Website ** All the Fucks ** Twitter

David S. Dear as Dr. Edwin Just (pronouns he/him, character pronouns he/they)
David S. Dear ** A Ninth World Journal ** Twitter

Tau Zaman as Dr. Ashwini Ray (pronouns they/them/their, character pronouns ze/zir)
Instagram ** CARAVAN ** Twitter

Shereen Lani Younes as Dr. Amal Semaan (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/they)
Website ** Ethnically Ambiguous ** Twitter

Cole Burkhardt as Jaxon (pronouns he/him, character pronouns they/he)
Ritual Six ** Website

Dallas Wheatley as Dr. Ringling (pronouns they/he, character pronouns they)
Website ** Twitter ** Instagram

Teddy Hannah-Drullard as Medic Meryl Pacey (pronouns they/them, character pronouns ze/zir)

Sarah Rhea Werner as Dr. Day (pronouns she/they; character pronouns she/her)
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Elissa Park as Nessa Cheong (pronouns they/them, character pronouns she/her)
Adox Talks ** Twitter

Hazel Stapp as Dr. Serano (pronouns she/her; character pronouns she/they) ** Twitter

Steven LaFond as Harold McVett (pronouns he/him; character pronouns he/him)

Cat Blackard as Maria L’Anglois (pronouns she/her; character pronouns she/her)
Website ** Twitter

NayMyo Win as Zhong Jento (pronouns he/him, character pronouns he/they)

Anjali Kunapaneni as Dr. Andie Kashyap (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)

Anna Godfrey as Medic Keegan (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)

Rissa Montañez as Quartermaster Val Narváez (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/her)

Alicia Atkins as Mining Supervisor Trina Haugen (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/her)

Leslie Gideon as Elena (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/they)
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Dalia Ramahi as Nashwa Gamal (pronouns she/her, character pronouns he/she/they)
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Robin Regalado as Ahnung (pronouns she/her, character pronouns they/she)

Serena Rahhal as Nima (character pronouns she/they)
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Becca Marcus as Elio (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/her)

Corey Spruill as Stephen Abdoulaye (pronouns he/him, character pronouns they/he)

Tal Minear as Free Folk (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)
Website ** Twitter

Tom Zalatnai as Techno (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)
Linktree ** Twitter

Shade Oyemakinwa as Monica Parker (pronouns they/she, character pronouns she/her)
Come On In, The Water’s Fine ** Twitter

Robin Howell as Reception Bot (pronouns they/them)
Seren ** Twitter

Kristi Boulton as Officer Talor Daniels (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/her)

Claudia Elvidge as Lark (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/her)
The Beacon ** Twitter

Evan Tess Murray as Enclave Announcer (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)
This Planet Needs A Name ** Twitter

Danyelle Ellett as Barnett Bell (pronouns she/her, character pronouns she/her)

Glory Duda as Slipstream (pronouns she/they, character pronouns they/them)

HE Casson as Moddy Sarah (pronouns they/them, character pronouns they/them)
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Philomena Sherwood as Payload (pronouns they/them, character pronouns she/they)


Note: See miniseries and specials pages for those cast lists.

  • S2 Bonus – “Dr. Just” – Cass McPhee, Mel Hartman, and Mandy Hall as Tardigrades
  • S2E5 – Shannon Perry / Richard Nadolny as “Actors” (from the wildly popular Oz-9!)
  • S2E8 – Ester Ellis as “Enclave Tech”
  • S3E1 – Kirsty Woolven as “Free Zone Resident”
  • S3E3, S3E6 – Sean Howard and Eli Hamada McIlveen as “Ad Voices”
  • S3E4 – Cait Gallagher and Jenna Katz as “Tech Voices”
  • S3E10 – Jackie Hedeman and Molly Olguin as “Ad Voices”
  • S3E11 – Nathan Comstock and Max Kreisky as “Tech Voices”
  • S3E12 – Will Gianetta as “Tech Voice”
  • S3B4 – Cait Gallagher as “Tech Voice”, Kirsty Woolven as “Free Zone Resident”
  • S4E2 – Jason Dania as “NAC 1”
  • S4E3 – Beccy Stirrup as “Ursula Francisco”
  • S4E4 – Lisette Alvarez as “Thea”
  • S4E5 – Martin Chodorek as “Supervisor Pafnuty Andreev”, Addie Nofal as “Resist 1”
  • S4E10 – Hesham Elshazly as “NAC 2”
  • S4E11 – Jeff Van Dreason as “Chip Coxeter”, Hesham Elshazly as “NAC 2”
  • S4E12 – Josh Rubino as “Coordinator Arterbury”, Nitsa Ortchuk as “Dr. Boisseau”, Sam B. Nguyen as “Epsilon Science Bro”
  • S4E13 – Josh Rubino as “Coordinator Arterbury”
  • S4E14 – Caroline Mincks as “Slam Announcer”
  • S4E15 – AMC as “Techno 2 (Breaker)”, Joe Fisher as “Ryder”, Hesham Elshazly as “NAC 2”, Addie Nofal as “Resist 1”
  • S4E16 – Beccy Stirrup as “Ursula Francisco”
  • S4E17 – Addie Nofal as “Resist 1”, Saja El-Shaer as “Resist 2”, “Tesneem Rahhal as “Resist 3”
  • S4E18 – Adam Faruqi as “Nayef”, Addie Nofal as “Resist 1”, M.J. Bailey as “The Voice”