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In Season 2, we look at the same 20-week shutdown sequence, but from new perspectives and new voices – hearing not only from Roger but Wilder, Ashwini, Nessa, Michell … and from Alex back on Earth, adding new depths to a story we thought we already knew.

Marathoning Season 2? Find the combined full-season transcript here! (PDF file.)

Season 2 covers the same sequence of events as S1 – thus, each episode will include notes directing you to the relevant parts of S1, so you can re-listen if you’d like!

S2P – “Meet The Voices”Aug. 9, 2019Listen HereTranscript Pending

PROMO EPISODE – Meet all the new voices we’re bringing to S2!

S2IPM – “Dr. Just”Oct. 6, 2019Listen HereTranscript

SPECIAL EPISODE – Originally recorded for International Podcast Month 2019! Set six months before the events of the regular season, this stand-alone story focuses on one of Moonbase Theta’s scientific staff, biologist Dr. Edwin Just. Dr. Just struggles with his tardigrade experiments and his lab partners; receives unexpected assistance from Nessa Cheong, Base Horticulturalist, and Wilder, Base Maintenance; and has the strangest of dreams as things come to a boiling point.

S2E1 – “Roger, Ashwini, Alexandre”Aug. 18, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1B1 – “Twenty-One”; S1E1 – “Twenty”)
Roger begins his reporting on Moonbase Theta communications by sharing an intimate message to his husband. Ashwini bemoans a quiet night and the general lack of appreciation for zir genius. Alex replies to Roger with equal love, but also opens up about his frustrations and concerns.

S2E2 – “Roger, Michell, Wilder”Sep. 1, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E2 – “Nineteen”; S1E3 – “Eighteen”)
Roger tries to open up in his reply to Alex, acknowledging their problems and reflecting on the universe they inhabit together. Michell L’Anglois, Security, makes a personal report on the rest of the crew … at times, very personal. Wilder takes a moment to go through her current task list and cuddle a rogue hedgehog.

S2E3 – “Alexandre, Nessa, Roger”Sep. 15, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E4 – “Seventeen”; “S1E5 – “Sixteen”)
In the aftermath of political instability, Alexandre tries desperately to get a message through to Roger. On-Base, Nessa composes a message to her family in Zhengzhou while keeping up her work in the hydroponic farm. Roger is finally able to listen and reply, and as things calm down the conversation deepens.

S2E4 – “Roger, Michell, Nessa”Sep. 29, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E6 – “Fifteen”; S1E7 – “Fourteen”)
Roger vents to himself about the changes in Base management and how they’re likely to affect how others see him. Michell provides an official report that ends in a rant about his own frustrations. Nessa discusses the changes coming about, in her new duties and in her private thoughts.

S2E5 – “Roger, Nessa, Ashwini”Oct. 13, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E8 – “Thirteen”; S1E9 – “Twelve”)
It has come out that the asteroid warning was a fake; Roger discusses how it came about and considers possible consequences. Nessa extends an olive branch to Michell, including some very personal details from her past. Ashwini is caught up in a whirlwind of distraction until Tumnus pulls zir out.

S2E6 – “Michell, Roger, Alexandre”Oct. 27, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E10 – “Eleven”; S1E11 – “Ten”)
Michell is still riding high after Roger’s official reprimand – but receiving Nessa’s message brings him crashing back down. Roger sends a message home and gets down to the real, painfully secret source of his problems. Alex responds with an intimate admission of his own, and looks to their future together.

S2E7 – “Roger, Nessa, Wilder”Nov. 10, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E12 – “Nine”; S1E13 – “Eight”; S1E14 – “Seven”)
Roger continues the conversation – and the healing – with his husband. Nessa receives a lovely message from one of her partners, Elena, and squeezes in a response in kind before she has to get to the mines. Wilder records a personal log before work, as well – but then adds a postscript after a tragic accident ends the shift.

S2E8 – “Wilder, Roger, Michell”Nov. 24, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E15 – “Six”; S1E16 – “Five”)
Wilder tries to put herself back together – quite literally, and gets information from a source on Earth. Roger and Michell’s private concerns erupt into their very public feud. Michell composes a message to Nessa.

S2E9 – “Roger, Ashwini, Alexandre”Dec. 8, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E17 – “Four”; S1E18 – “Three”)
Roger is still awake and falling apart, desperate to regain contact. Ashwini fights despair in zir own way, resulting in a long-planned revelation to Tumnus. Alexandre sends a final message to Roger, knowing there’s little chance it will arrive but unable to wait any longer.

S2E10 – “Roger, Ashwini, Wilder”Dec. 22, 2019Listen HereTranscript

(S1E19 – “Two”; S1E20 – “One”)
SEASON FINALE – Roger is still on his way back from Moonbase Delta, stopping to share more thoughts on what he found. Ashwini and Tumnus continue their conversation, debating the central point of zir plan and what will happen when ze goes into stasis. Wilder leaves a tense, pained message before she is forced into stasis as well. There are a few surprises.

S2B1 – “Nessa”Jan. 19, 2020Listen HereTranscript

BONUS EPISODE – Nessa sends a special postscript to her last message Moonbase Theta; this one is to all the kids in her family back on Earth.

S2B2 – “Roger”Feb. 2, 2020Listen HereTranscript

Roger attempts to follow the recorded instructions he’s discovered regarding the stasis pods – with much profanity and without much luck. One last idea takes him to the observatory…

S2B3 – “Moddy Sarah”Feb. 16, 2020Listen HereTranscript

Moddy Sarah, who sent a message in the middle of Season 1, is back with an update. While we’ve been looking to the Moon, many things have changed back on Earth …

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