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Moonbase Theta, Out - image is a cartoon of a small bunker on the Moon with a communications tower in the foreground. The words "Season One" are written in white against a purple background.

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In Season 1, Roger Bragado-Fischer sends back reports to Earth on the shutdown of Moonbase Theta and the conflicts and pitfalls as they try to make it to the end. Each broadcast closes out with a message to his husband, Alex, who is waiting at home on Earth.

The easiest way to listen to Season One is in our Supercut:
(Note – the supercut runs in chronological order, so the S1 Bonus Episode ‘Twenty-One’ appears before S1E1, “Twenty.”)

Marathoning Season 1? Find the combined full-season transcript here! (PDF file.)

Season 1 ran from November 12, 2018 to March 17, 2019, with bonus episodes in April of 2019. The season began with the episode titled “Twenty” and counted down – start from the top of this page and work your way to the bottom!

S1E1 – “Twenty”Nov. 12, 2018Listen HereTranscript

Roger Bragado-Fischer reports from Moonbase Theta, twenty weeks before base shutdown. Included is a staff update; review of tasks for the shutdown sequence; information on certain irregularities. Also, mutated tardigrades and the olfactory experience of foie gras.

S1E2 – “Nineteen”Nov. 12, 2018Listen HereTranscript

Roger reports on the current status of the base shutdown, including management issues and an expansive discussion of the cosmic phenomena monitored by the radio telescope array. In a personal message to their husband, Roger sends a warning about squirrel season.

S1E3 – “Eighteen”Nov. 12, 2018Listen HereTranscript

Shutdown is at eighteen weeks. The scheduled rocket, expected with fresh supplies and to offload the base’s Helium-3 stores, has not yet arrived. Roger tries to stave off anxiety with a report on the decommissioning of crew quarters, which reveals a variety of odd and illicit activities.

S1E4 – “Seventeen”Nov. 25, 2018Listen HereTranscript

A response is received regarding the rocket delay, but no rocket. Roger has concerns regarding the situation both on Base and on Earth. As always throughout time and space, duct tape is important.

S1E5 – “Sixteen”Dec. 2, 2018Listen HereTranscript

The supply rocket arrives, but with little information about where things stand on Earth. Roger sends an emotional update regarding their work in the Base hydroponic farms, and how it reminds them of a garden, and husband, being missed so much.

S1E6 – “Fifteen”Dec. 9, 2018Listen HereTranscript

Moonbase Theta comes under new management, and thus come new priorities and new obligations. Roger attempts to push back in the ways they can, perhaps emboldened by the renewed contact with Alexandre.

S1E7 – “Fourteen”Dec. 16, 2018Listen HereTranscript

Base management responds by agreeing to hold to the original shutdown sequence – but with a list of new directives, including one that will make Roger’s position more uncomfortable. Alexandre provides one positive note from the home front.

S1E8 – “Thirteen”Dec. 23, 2018Listen HereTranscript

All concerns and conflicts affecting Moonbase Theta are set aside – for an emergency alert that could affect everyone on the planet below.

S1E9 – “Twelve”Dec. 30, 2018Listen HereTranscript

While the current emergency has been resolved, the crew of Theta promises continued vigilance. Preparations are made for the forthcoming rocket arrival, and Roger provides a report on crew morale that includes an unexpected visit to Narnia.

S1E10 – “Eleven”Jan. 6, 2019Listen HereTranscript

The supply rocket arrives, and departs again without a very important part of its payload. Roger explains the work they’ve done in crafting the station’s outgoing messages into space, finally provides the requested report on internal communications, and sends a special birthday message to Alexandre.

S1E11 – “Ten”Jan. 13, 2019Listen HereTranscript

The Moonbase crew receives a memo that changes their priorities for the rest of the shutdown sequence. Science is downgraded; Dairy Milk is appreciated; there is a momentary break due to seismic activity. Roger is rattled, and seems to have forgotten something.

S1E12 – “Nine”Jan. 20, 2019Listen HereTranscript

Roger reports on the current status of the shutdown, and makes a rare pop culture reference. An unauthorized broadcast comes through from Earth, which is played back into the report verbatim. There is a personal message to Alexandre.

S1E13 – “Eight”Jan. 27, 2019Listen HereTranscript

Management has sent an updated list of staff tasks and shutdown instructions; they are listed and agreed to, though Roger has concerns regarding the fate of the genetic archives. A statement is read into the record regarding last week’s unauthorized interjection.

S1E14 – “Seven”Feb. 3, 2019Listen HereTranscript

The staff reallocation and updated priorities are being followed. Solar flares are predicted, which may affect communications in the coming weeks. Shutdown continues on schedule – until there is a sudden, tragic interruption.

S1E15 – “Six”Feb. 10, 2019Listen HereTranscript

The solar flares have delayed the expected supply rocket. Roger provides further details on the accident, and a personal message on the ways in which their universe has been affected.

S1E16 – “Five”Feb. 17, 2019Listen HereTranscript

An update is provided regarding the interstitial supply rocket and the expected offload of resources. On-Base, rumours and personality clashes abound. Roger replies to Alexandre’s report of new puppies.

S1E17 – “Four”Feb. 24, 2019Listen HereTranscript

Communications from Earth have gone silent; Roger has been awake too long monitoring the frequencies with nothing but their thoughts. The dark side of the moon has gotten significantly darker.

S1E18 – “Three”Mar. 3, 2019Listen HereTranscript

There is still no response from Earth; Roger invokes the Base Emergency Communications Procedures and makes last-ditch plans to travel to one of the near-side Bases to inspect the towers along the way. There is a very personal message to Alexandre.

S1E19 – “Two”Mar. 10, 2019Listen HereTranscript

Roger reports from Moonbase Delta, on the Earth-facing side of the Moon, having completed his trip and found several damaged communications towers which they hope to repair. However, on inspection of the Base, a deeper issue comes to light.

S1E20 – “One”Mar. 17, 2019Listen HereTranscript

SEASON FINALE – Roger has made it back to Theta and the aftermath of his discovery. He sends a detailed report out on every possible frequency, with significant literary assistance from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and considers his options.

S1B1 – “Twenty-One”April 14, 2019Listen HereTranscript

BONUS EPISODE – Set one week before Season 1, this episode is a personal log from Roger as he adjusts to the news of the forthcoming shutdown, considers his companions for the next twenty weeks, and wonders how Alex will take the news.

S1B2 – “Minus One”April 28, 2019Listen HereTranscript

BONUS EPISODE – The final bonus episode for Season 1 finds Roger a week beyond the end of the scheduled shutdown sequence, wandering the Base on his own, coming to terms with what he’s discovered. However, an unexpected voice may change everything …

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