MTO S1E17 – “Four” – Transcript

by D.J. Sylvis

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Broadcasting … broadcasting … broadcasting. I’m Roger, Roger Bragado-Fischer … Communications, Moonbase Theta. On the moon. I think it’s November 26th … that is correct! Fourrrrr weeks to shutdown. I’ve been awake for 49 hours now, monitoring all transmission frequencies so I don’t miss your message. I don’t know if it’s solar flares again, or a satellite gone all screwy, or …. no word has come through.

I could really use a coffee the size of my head and a nap.

I could actually make a coffee that size, okay, several coffees that would be the equivalent. However, caffeine seems to have stopped working at this point. So has lowering the standard Base temperature, and I’m only moments away from attempting that thing with the toothpicks from old cartoons.

Oh! Of course, what would make this all significantly easier is if the microwave communications towers were in operating condition. Then I could patch through to the close-side network and … you know, options. I’ve just checked that outstanding request, which I have submitted to management four separate times, and it still shows as pending. Of course, if there’s no incoming message by the next scheduled broadcast, we have the option of Base Emergency Communications Procedures. You know what those are? I go on an inspection tour of the microwave tower network!

Operations are … okay. Generally. Thanks to Wilder, Helium-3 is now at 132%, which looks a little weird – we should probably adjust that to account for combined storage. You know. Water is wet, power hurts when you touch it, we’ve got food but I seem to be the only one eating. I actually haven’t seen Ashwini or Wilder in the last few days. I hear their voices once in a while.

Michell, I’ve seen. We’ve been talking quite a bit. I might be turning around on ol’ Michell … if I can trust them. I know you know we had a fight last week, they made a … disrespectful comment or what I thought was … about the remains. I misunderstood Ásatrú customs about hammers. But we talked that out. I still think they’re a scoundrel, professionally, but they had real feelings for Nessa, who it turns out dumped them big time. I gotta respect that.

Once they let loose a little, they also confirmed some of the rumours going around. Don’t tell them I said anything. I guess that’s a breach, but … again, come up here and stop us. Things down your way sound like they’re one hell of a mess. That broadcast from the freehold … how many of those are going around? Michell knows at least a dozen. And you can’t squash that when you’re fighting takeovers on two borders at the same time.

If there’s another change in leadership … don’t let them forget we’re up here. We’re so close now. I’m sorry if I … I don’t mean to sound disloyaal.

Did I tell you about the tardigrades? If we’re spilling secrets, might as well admit we’ve been keeping the tardigrades alive but off the charts. They’re just too cute to kill off, now that they’re the size of gerbils. Nessa liked them a lot. Used to let them bumble through the hanging gardens.

It’s back to dark cycle here. Back to night on the … really dark side of the moon now. You stand on the surface, where you can’t see the landing lights, and it’s … You forget sometimes, on Earth, that space really extends right through the atmosphere. You forget that all that black is really just a hand’s breadth away.

I think that’s everything. I’ll keep on monitoring for your message from this end. If I fall asleep, there’s all sorts of alarms and alerts set up. Just send on through.

Alexandre, you better keep those puppies out of my closet. If I find one cardigan out of place, there will be dire consequences. And out of our bed. I miss that stupid bed. And you. Good night, pumpkin.

Moonbase Theta, out.

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