MTO S1E1 – “Twenty” – Transcript

by D.J. Sylvis


Broadcasting. This is Roger Bragado-Fischer, Communications, Moonbase Theta. The date is August 4, 2098; the time is 10:15. We are now at twenty weeks before base shutdown.

According to guidelines, the majority of our crew has gone into stasis to conserve resources. Still awake from our 42-person complement are myself; Nessa Cheong, Agriculture; Ashwini Ray, Astrophysics; Michell L’Anglois, Security; and Wilder, Base Maintenance. This is as per your list, other than the replacement with Nessa – our other farmer, Harold McVett, was a medical induction due to respiratory distress. A full report will be transmitted after this broadcast.

Tasks for the shutdown sequence are outlined in the memo approved by senior management. These will be assigned as they best suit each team member, and include the ramping down of all mining operations, programming the radio telescopes for remote operation, closing down all active experiments and saving off data. Experiments requiring special attention include BRISTL, where the hedgehogs will need to transition to Earth-standard atmosphere; PIX-E, where the hallucinogenic agents must be neutralized without aspiration; and decisions must be made regarding the mutated tardigrades from Project GRO-BEAR. All team members will assist in the sterilizing and spaceproofing of laboratory areas as they are closed off.

All active crew will also take shifts monitoring the stasis pods, as we have already noted some variations in the reports. We’d like to request the full shutdown logs from Bases Alpha through Eta, to see if they experienced any of the same. None of us are experts in this area; the additional data would be helpful. Naturally, we’re all looking forward to waking up safe and sound back on Earth. We appreciate your making this a priority.

We would have accessed the information directly, but our link to the bases on the near side remains broken. I’d like to take an inspection tour of the microwave transmission towers; please see my requests of June 28, July 12, and August 1. Michell will not release the Rover vehicle for my use without your signed approval, despite my numerous … numerous requests.

Of course, this means we have lost video links as well, and with them our view of Earth and how things are going down there. We’re starting to forget your face.

Base operations remain within acceptable levels. Helium-3 stores are at 85%, water is at 63%; these will continue to increase with mining at current levels. We’ve switched power to the polar stations as we’re currently in dark phase. Food stores are sufficient, particularly now that there are only five of us to fight over the drumsticks. And three are vegan.

I’ll attach the numbers for that survey the Entertainment wing sent up – we had every crew member run through it pre-stasis. The Foie Gras track had the most heat as far as olfactory goes, but in the traditional media, the senssurround from Hanuman’s Children was more of a hit. Everyone’s excited to live that one on release day.

Regarding your comment on my last transmission – if you review my employment contract, I am allocated fifteen seconds of each broadcast for personal messages. My personal message is as follows: To my husband, Alexandre. I love you, give Castor and Pollux a treat for me, I’ll be coming home soon.

Moonbase Theta, out.

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