MTO S2 Bonus – “Moddy Sarah” – Transcript

MOONBASE THETA, OUT – S2 Bonus Episode 1 – “Moddy Sarah”
by D.J. Sylvis

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And now we’ve reached the final bonus episode of season two. The last piece of the story moving forward that you’ll get for a while. If you saw the title of this episode and it only sounded vaguely familiar, maybe think back to season one episode twelve and a message they received from Earth at that time. Anyway, stick around for more notes after, but for now, welcome back to .. Earth! 



This is Consortium Channel 5, Moonbase Reports and Broadcasts – Sponsored by the Sacramento Enclave and the Consortium Academies of Higher Learning.

The Consortium interrupts this broadcast for the following sponsored message.


(NOTE – There may be an ad inserted at this point before the episode.)


(Instead of the standard chime for S2, we hear a series of beeps that hasn’t been heard since Season 1, Episode 12. The audio is a bit scratchier than usual, and they are recording from outside.)




Hello, good morning. This is Moddy Sarah, chaplain and Responsible Citizen of the Patrick Free Zone, formerly of the Three Rivers Cooperative Community. Hail to anyone who hears this from the Moon or beyond.

            (they pause for a moment, a bit weary)

We have been forced to relocate, but the community continues. The Detroit Enclave annexed our land and sent us running, first north to the Allegheny Forest, then south again with the NY Conglomerate at our heels, downriver into West Virginia. We hoped we could hide in Morgantown – the launch site we used for our earlier attempts to reach out – soon, it was obvious we were being tracked. They don’t like folks who choose to live outside the walls. One thing we could do from there, though, was hack into the system. WVU had an aerospace lab funded by NASA, there’s an intra that still exists between all the launch sites, and these young folks at Cape Canaveral invited us in. We have a number of skills they consider useful. Particularly as they are not fond of getting their hands dirty.  

            (they laugh)

It didn’t hurt that we could throw in satellite access to sweeten the deal. But it was a long, arduous journey, children. Through secret corridors of forest and underground passages, across river bottoms and, one unforgettable midnight, through use of a zip line from cliff to cliff of a … questionable canyon. Lo, we have wandered, and while I wouldn’t call this the Promised Land, it’s becoming home. We had to make some concessions to commune with these techno-anarchists – nothing we couldn’t afford, and we’ve had a few converts of our own since arrival.

            (we hear them sit down in a chair that creaks)

There were a few times I thought I’d end up like Moses, to tell the truth, but here I am. And I don’t mind the step back down to minister – every week or two there’s another few stragglers, another ear to turn to what the Universe speaks, another chance to follow Leviticus and “Welcome the stranger, for you were once a stranger.” Not so long ago, and I’ll never forget.

            (pause, we hear children somewhere far in the background)

I’m feeling my age to the bone. It’s as if they’ve eaten this world to the core and they’re squabbling over the seeds. The Consortium enclaves, the Conglomerate of super-cities, the Xinopec … each one grabbing for more even as they lose a grip on what they already own. Last message I sent, I told you we were counting down … it’s half past zero for Earth. Everything’s coming apart. Late at night, even this far down, we can see the fires.

            (they stand up, the chair creaking again)

We are no longer asking for help from the Moon. What we hope to discuss … are the ways we might help one another. As the world falls apart, the only solution is coming together. Surely, with your management losing focus, you could use a new source of stability. Somewhere you could come home to.

            (they sigh)

I’m not saying we can make that happen yet. But there’s some big brains inside that are workin’ on the problem. We could sure use your help. Your cooperation. Your communion. Together, we could build a shelter from the storm.

(After a moment, we hear someone off from the microphone clear their throat. Moddy Sarah continues warmly.)




Oh, yes. One of our more recent arrivals has a message to include as well. Though it’s directed at only one person somewhere in the sky above, he was … impossible to refuse.




(it takes a moment for him to clomp over to the microphone, breathless and eager)

Roger? Roger, meu amado, can you hear me?

            (he laughs nervously)

Tell me you’re out there, baby. I’ve got one hell of a story for you.

(We hear dogs barking in the background, and for a moment the background sounds continue. We hear the same series of beeps as in the beginning. The episode ends.)



Well, hi. (Chuckles.) That was definitely a thing, huh? This episode featured H.E. Casson as Moddy Sarah, with a special guest appearance by Gabriel Taneko as Alex, and Cas and Pol as themselves. The episode was written, edited, and produced by D.J. Sylvis. Theme music is the track “Star” by the band Ramp – you can find more info at ramp dash music dot net.

This is as far as we go with the main story line for a while, but we’re deep into notes for season three. Not quite ready to think about timelines yet, but make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our Discord server, we’ll have links to all those in the show notes. 

As always, we want to thank you for being a part of the force of good that brings this show and so much other amazing stuff in the audio-fiction community to life. None of us is creating this stuff alone. It’s your support in places like Patreon, your words and good thoughts on social media, ratings and reviews, the art you create on your own, and the connections we’ve made with you that keeps us going and will sustain us as we look forward to what’s coming next. Thank you. Again, and again, and again. You’ll hear from us soon, I can guarantee that. And until then, KEEP WATCHING THE MOON.



Consortium Channel 5 ends our broadcast day with a final message: honour all curfews, listen to Security, and KEEP WATCHING THE MOON.


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