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Moonbase Theta, Out – THE FINAL SEASON!

With a Prologue that begins immediately after the cliffhanger ending of Season 3, then jumping forward to the regular season exploring the ramifications of everything that’s occurred … we explore the next steps of the crew of Base Theta and the other Bases across the Moon; learn the fate of Alex and the rocket speeding him toward Roger’s arms; and find out how life on Earth has changed, within the corporations and outside their influence.

This is it – all stories lead here, on Earth, on the Moon, and in between! Keep watching! Keep listening!


Transcript available here.

Season 4 Prologue

S4P1 – “I pass, like night, from land to land”Aug. 14, 2022Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 1/5 – Tensions run high as the Base Theta crew discusses what’s next for the moon – and keeps tabs on a certain incoming rocket …

S4P2 – “I have strange power of speech”Aug. 28, 2022Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 2/5 – On the rocket en route to the Moon, Alex, Payload, and Addie discuss what might come next.

S4P3 – “The moment that his face I see”Sept. 11, 2022Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 3/5 – On Earth, the Enclave Officer provides a sense of purpose; and on the Moon, Theta’s crew reacts to the rocket’s impending arrival.

S4P4 – “I know the man that must hear me”Sept. 25, 2022Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 4/5 – The Freehold refugees – including Cas and Pol – arrive in North Africa. Introductions are made.

S4P5 – “To him my tale I teach”Oct. 9, 2022Listen HereTranscript

Prologue Minisode – 5/5 – Michell and Zhong arrive on the near side, but aren’t prepared for what they find …

Season 4

S4E1 – “Contrary Moon”Oct. 30, 2022Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode One – Three months after the events of the Prologue, we return to events on both sides of the Moon – where the Plan for sustainability faces challenges and delays.

S4E2 – “Read From The Beginning”Nov. 13, 2022Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Two – In Northern Africa, the former Freehold residents struggle to find their place; on the Moon, Addie struggles to connect with the Base Theta crew.

S4E3 – “Find The Loopholes”Nov. 27, 2022Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Three – Maria struggles to coordinate the efforts of the near-side Bases; on Earth, the Enclave Officer’s plot thickens.

S4E4 – “Origin Story”Dec. 11, 2022Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Four – Tumnus has important discussions about the future; Michell attempts to make a few connections.

S4E5 – “A Bear Without A Head”Dec. 25, 2022Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Five – Jaxon escapes his responsibilities thanks to Ashwini and a message from an old friend; in the NAC, Nima and Elio take the dogs for a walk; Roger receives an unexpected call.

S4E6 – “Tell You How I’m Feeling”Jan. 8, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Six – Repairs of various types are attempted; Wilder sings; Tumnus asks Roger for advice on her big project

S4E7 – “On The Same Page”Jan. 22, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Seven – Nima and Elio visit a new facility in the NAC; the Enclave Officer makes contact; there’s a reunion on Moonbase Theta

S4E8 – “Party Business”Feb. 5, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Eight – Unexpected turns for the revolution on both sides of the Moon including the return of Harold McVett; Roger and Ashwini have a moment

S4E9 – “Underground”Feb. 19, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Nine – Wilder’s work at the North Pole continues; Tumnus’ project develops; Dr. Ringling struggles in the lab

S4E10 – “Beeps and Boops”Mar. 5, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Ten – MIDSEASON – Barnett Bell reaches a tipping point; Wilder finds a canary in her coal mine; there are unexpected conversations from both sides of the Moon (Midseason break – Returning April 2nd 2023!)

S4E11 – “Almost Soon Enough”April 2, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Eleven – Michell catches up with recent events on the Moon, while back on Earth the NAC is pulling together, and the Enclave Officer defends his strategies

S4E12 – “Volatile Elements”April 16, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Twelve – Ashwini gives the Science Bros new guidance; Michell grumbles about Maria and Wilder; the new ACs have some questions on revolution

S4E13 – “Too Too Real”April 30, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Thirteen – Barnett Bell returns as the megacorporations up the ante; Michell reaches an abrupt end to his search; and in the NAC, directions are changing

S4E14 – “Never Stopped Saying I’m Sorry”May 14, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Fourteen – Sticky situations for folks all over the Moon, conversations that have been a long time coming, and at least one really big discovery …

S4E15 – “Freedom To Move”May 28, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Fifteen – Unexpected returns occur in several locations on Earth; while on the Moon, Ashwini proposes an unexpected step forward (Production break – Returning June 25th 2023!)

S4E16 – “Work To Be Done”June 25, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Sixteen – Michell and Wilder arrive back at the near side just in time for new troubles; Roger and Addie handle some late-night messages

S4E17 – “While It Lasts”July 9, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Seventeen – Roger is caught up in the past; in Palestine, Nima prepares the Resistance; Moonbase Theta receives an ultimatum (Production break – Returning August 20th 2023 for the Series Finale!)

S4E18 – “The Voice, Part I”Aug. 20, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Eighteen – SERIES FINALE, Part 1 – On Earth and the Moon, conflict looms with the megas; but on Base Gamma, another conflict takes priority. In the end, a voice is heard.

S4E19 – “The Voice, Part II”Sept. 3, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Nineteen – SERIES FINALE, Part 2 – On Earth and the Moon, there are new voices, new chances, and new discoveries. But in the end, is there hope? (Production break – Returning October 1st 2023 for the Epilogue!)

S4E20 – “Moonbase Theta, Out”Oct. 1, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Episode Twenty EPILOGUE – Three months after the broadcast from Base Theta (and beyond), we see how the world has been affected. (Production break – Returning October 29th 2023 for the Bonus Episodes!)

Post-Season Bonus Episodes!

S4B1 – “Ashwini”Oct. 29, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Bonus One – Jaxon has questions about the future; Ashwini shares memories of zir past.

S4B2 – “Jaxon”Nov. 5, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Bonus Two – Jaxon shares his own story as he and Ashwini look to the future.

S4B3 – “Ahnung”Nov. 12, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Bonus Three – Ahunug tells Elio what happened on her trip back North.

S4B4 – “David”Nov. 19, 2023Listen HereTranscript

S4 Bonus Four– Harold McVett does his best to get through to the Enclave Officer.

Season Three *** Season One