MTO: Before the Moon

Moonbase Theta, Out: Before the Moon - the logo for the show is a mirror of the regular MTO logo, but with a techno house on Earth in place of Base Theta, with a large, full moon in the sky above.

A Moonbase Theta, Out Patreon Miniseries!

Michell, Wilder, Roger, Nessa, Ashwini. Even Doctors Ringling and Day. So far, you’ve only seen them as crew on Moonbase Theta. But we’re about to take a step into their lives … Before the Moon.

Moonbase Theta, Out: Before the Moon will be a six-episode monthly miniseries produced for our Patreon backers. Each story will reveal new details about the crew’s life on Earth. You’ll get to spend more time with beloved characters, learn their secrets, and find out what’s been happening in each of their individual worlds. Episodes will be released as follows:

BTM-E1: “Revelations”

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Michell L’Anglois is brought up before his Enclave commander for a chat.
Featuring Cass McPhee, D.J. Sylvis, and Lucille Valentine

BTM-E2: “Adjustments”

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Wilder has a session with her physical therapist.
Featuring Tina Daniels and Claudia Elvidge

BTM-E3: “Where the Heart”

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Roger comes home to Alex for a weekend during training.
Featuring Leeman Kessler and Gabriel Taneko

BTM-E4: “Sweetness”

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Nessa and Elena share a picnic in the garden.
Featuring Elissa Park and Leslie Gideon

BTM-E5: “Hearing Voices”

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Ashwini hires an actor for a very special job.
Featuring Tau Zaman and Jen Ponton

BTM-E6: “The Interview”

On Patreon May 21, 2020
Dr. Ringling is conducting an interview for the Base physics residency.
Featuring Dallas Wheatley and Sarah Rhea Werner


Is this a thing? Is it really going to happen? Watch this space! Heh, space. Wait, I thought these were on Earth?

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Note that Before the Moon episodes will be available to Patreon backers at the $5 level and above. Episodes will be available exclusively through Patreon for six months following each release.