Moonbase Theta, Out - All Your Base - the image is a cartoon map of the Moon with little bunker icons indicating the placement of each base - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epislon, and Eta on the front; Zeta is shown at the South Pole, and there's an arrow pointing around to the backside for Theta.

A Moonbase Theta, Out Miniseries!

All your base, from Alpha to Theta! Eight Moonbases, eight monologues, eight flashback stories from crew members you’ve never heard!

I guess we’re letting Wilder name things now, huh? Moonbase Theta, Out: ALL YOUR BASE is an eight-episode flashback miniseries that will dive into the day to day of life on the Moon before the shutdown, through the eyes – and voices – of all-new characters in each location! Join us as the story expands, spreads out, and digs deeper …

Coming this summer to the Monkeyman Productions Patreon; and beginning on August 29th in the regular feed. Join us on Patreon for even $1 a month to get early access to every episode, behind-the-scenes updates and more!


AYB-E1: “Alpha”

Administrator Pearle Hart manages operations and expectations on Moonbase Alpha. But she’s getting too old for this shit.

Aug. 29, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Photo of actor Mama Bang Bang, aka Jessie Baade - a three-quarters shot of a woman with short white hair, large tinted glasses, wearing a colourful dress.

Featuring Mama Bang Bang, aka Jessie Baade (she/her)
Mama Bang Bang (Jessie Baade) is a former burlesque emcee, stand up comic and Linda in Chris Fleming’s “Gayle.” She can be heard voicing characters in audio dramas “Caravan” “We Fix Space Junk” and “The Amelia Project” with more to come!

AYB-E2: “Beta”

“Moonbase Beta – we’re always second best!” Maintenance Operator Ursula Francisco talks life, love, her little robot buddy Weeble, and keeping it clean on the Moon.

Sept. 12, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Photo of Beccy Stirrup, a red-faced woman with medium-length brown hair. She is pictured outdoors, wearing sunglasses and hair pulled back.

Featuring Beccy Stirrup (she/her)
Beccy is a professional storyteller and game-maker and, despite creating the podcast Diary of a Space Archivist and working on a new show called Story Trails, she hasn’t quite worked up the courage to call herself a professional podcaster yet. Beccy has also appeared as ‘Janet’ in Pod to Pluto. She currently lives in Yorkshire with a small child, tall husband and massive dog. Website:; twitter: @SpaceArchivePod

With appearances by Cass McPhee and Shannon Perry

AYB-E3: “Gamma”

Moonbase Gamma is well into their shutdown sequence when Dr. Andie Kashyap decides to make a desperate move.

Sept. 26, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Photo of Anjali Kunpaneni, a person with medium-length wavy brown hair, looking downward.

Featuring Anjali Kunapaneni (they/them)
Anjali is a writer and voice actor based in Washington D.C. They are a student of Public Policy and Creative Writing at Duke University and a voiceover nut. You can hear their voice in a number of video games, animations, and commercials. They are an avid consumer of all things sci-fi, a fiend for good animation, and always down to chat about the latest comic book movie! You can find them as @hereliesanjali on Twitter.

With appearances by David S. Dear and Cat Blackard

AYB-E4: “Delta”

As a series of health crises shake the Moonbase Delta crew, Medic Keegan struggles to keep it together.

Oct. 10, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Photo of Anna Godfrey - person with short, wavy black hair, black lipstick and eye makeup, wearing a lace choker and a black shirt, standing in front of a bookshelf.

Featuring Anna Godfrey (they/them)
Anna Godfrey is a part-time podcast creator, full-time podcast lover! They are a massive fan of anything science fiction, horror, or fantasy. Anna writes and narrates their own audio drama, Glass Letters, as well as lending their voice to other fantastic podcasts as often as they can.

AYB-E5: “Epsilon”

Managing resources on the Moon is managing stuff – and there’s no one better at keeping track of their stuff than Quartermaster Val Narváez. So when critical supplies on Base Epsilon go missing …

Oct. 24, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Black and white photo of Rissa M., a woman with sweeping dark hair, hand below her chin.

Featuring Rissa Montañez (she/her)
Finding my feet as a voice actress began in the early 2010’s with my voice portraying several characters in The Byron Chronicles. Since then, I’ve participated in other productions, provided IVR system and call center directory voice-overs with automated prompts, and a voice-over for a corporate software application demo. I strive to continue learning (always!) and exploring the areas of acting, narration, and voice-overs, so that I may continue to help creators bring not only their characters but also the story itself, to life for the listener! When I am not in my homemade booth for recording or practice, I am working full-time as an administrative clerk, and enjoy downtime with music, a good binge-session with a new (or old) television series, or trying out new recipes.

AYB-E6: “Zeta”

Moonbase Zeta lies at the South Pole of the Moon, within a crater of eternal darkness. On a final inspection tour, Mining Supervisor Trina Haugen finds out how deep that darkness can reach.

Nov. 7, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Photo of Alicia Atkins, seated in the front passenger seat of a car, wearing a blue sweatshirt, glasses, and a grey stocking cap.

Featuring Alicia Atkins (she/her)
Alicia Atkins hails from Alabama. She grew up listening to and playing music and participating in community theater. Voice acting has been a fun new experience for her. You can hear her as Capy on The Beacon, Roda on Copperheart, as one of the narrators for The Creepy Podcast, Tonya on Meteor City, and other audio dramas. You can find her on Twitter @RecklessAnarchy and Instagram @reckless_anarchy.

With appearances by Steven LaFond and Eva LaFond

AYB-E7: “Eta”

Field Journalist Barnett Bell has been traveling the Moonbase network. When her Rover breaks down near Base Eta, she muses on the stories she’s told – and the secrets that haven’t made it to broadcast.

Nov. 21, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Photo of Danyelle Ellett, a woman with shoulder-length, curly brown hair with grey streaks, holding it back a bit with her hand in the photo.

Featuring Danyelle Ellett (she/her)
Danyelle Ellett attended Christopher Newport University for a BA in theater (a concentration in acting/stage management) with a minor in leadership. She balances her corporate job in the tech industry, being a steller wife, and devoted fur mum with her creative endeavors for Good Pointe Podcasts, as a voice actress, producer, and director. She can be heard in Good Pointe’s The Subjective Truth (Amy) as well as in out-of-house productions; Null and Void (Adalaide), Margarita’s and Donuts (Josephine), and various voices on SCP archives as well as Seen & not heard. She is a proponent for civil rights advocacy and philanthropy work. You can find her on twitter as @mynamesdany and on instagram as my_names_dany.

AYB-E8: “Theta”

Admin Operator Eddie Rizal – formerly Communications Assistant Eddie Rizal, before a certain Comms Lead had him fired – settles into his new role on Moonbase Theta. But his real work continues.

Dec. 5, 2021Listen HereTranscript
Photo of Mark Lee, a man with short black hair in a purple shirt, looking directly at the camera.

Featuring Mark Lee (he/him)
Mark is a voice actor based in the greater-NYC area. Mark had a strong interest in voice acting since childhood after watching Avatar the Last Airbender and Yu Yu Hakusho, two of his favorite animated shows. With a background in theater and improv, Mark is super excited to bring Eddie Rizal to life on Moonbase Theta. When not voice acting, he loves playing volleyball and all things Nintendo!

With appearances by Lee Shackleford, Leeman Kessler, Cole Burkhardt, Elissa Park, Dallas Wheatley, Sarah Rhea Werner, and Cass McPhee

Cover art by Aaron Lenk –