Episode 12: “Gardens”

The photo is of skyscrapers, obscured in the foreground by overgrown trees and plants. The sky is clear blue. Text superimposed reads, "Gardens, by Ella Watts"

We meet Faith and Eliza rappelling down the side of a crumbling skyscraper, tending to the gardens they’ve planted inside. Why, and how, and what comes of the paradise they’ve built … that’s what we’re here to find out.

Content Warning: Gun violence

Transcript available here.

  • Eliza (she/her) – Gabrielle Adkins (she/her)
  • Faith (she/her) – Socks Whitmore (they/them)
  • April (she/her) – Chiara Santella (she/her)
  • Joshua (he/him) – Brandon Nguyen (he/him)
  • Faith’s Song – composed by David Devereux (he/they) of Tin Can Audio and Socks Whitmore (they/them) 
  • Producer, Sound Designer and Composer – David Devereux (he/they) of Tin Can Audio
  • Writer and Director – Ella Watts (she/her)
  • Executive Producer – D. J. Sylvis (they/them)

Episode cover photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash

MonkeyTales cover art is by Cora May. Our theme song is “Follow the Muse,” by Deborah Linden.

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