Episode 2: “Super”

A closeup of a Superman Lego minifigure, apparently standing on a cliff, with a rosy sky in the background. Titles read, "Super, by D.J. Sylvis"

On a busy city corner stands a guy in a Superman suit, taking pictures with tourists and asking for donations. You gotta be a little strange to choose that for your day to day, right?

This episode features Martin Chodorek and was written by D.J. Sylvis.

MonkeyTales cover art is by Cora May. Our theme song is “Follow the Muse,” by Deborah Linden.

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Thanks so much for listening to our second story! Next month we’ll have “Chance,” coming to you on February 9th. All the hopepunk to you and your friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, random strangers …

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