MTO Recommends: Civilized, Episode 1

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Civilized – Episode 101 – “Rain”

Hi folks! Deej here, and we’re bringing you something special while we’re in our little break from MTO – remember, there are still three bonus episodes to come before we’re truly between seasons! But while we’re quiet for the holidays, I wanted to bring you a special present – the gift of another amazing show you could be listening to! Civilized is … there aren’t even words for what it is, it’s completely invented its own thing! It’s a sci-fi story, it’s hilarious and deeply emotional and a wild action ride with great direction and sound design and the part I absolutely can’t wrap my head around is that it’s ALL IMPROVISED. Listen to the first episode, your mind will be boggled too! And then listen to a lot more after that, go listen to all of it. It absolutely stands up to any scripted show I’ve ever heard, but it’s being created by the actors every time and it’s SO SO GREAT. I hope it’ll fill that listening gap for you until we bring more MTO. Happy new year, enjoy the first episode of Civilized, and then go type it into your podcast app and subscribe right away – that’s the only way to hear more! And you’re definitely going to want to hear more. 

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