MTO Bonus – “Dr. Just”

Welcome to a bonus episode of Moonbase Theta, Out – originally recorded for International Podcast Month 2019!

Set six months before the events of the regular season, this stand-alone story focuses on one of Moonbase Theta’s scientific staff, biologist Dr. Edwin Just. Dr. Just struggles with his tardigrade experiments and his lab partners; receives unexpected assistance from Nessa Cheong, Base Horticulturalist, and Wilder, Base Maintenance; and has the strangest of dreams as things come to a boiling point.

Dr. Edwin Just (he/they) – performed by David S. Dear (he/him)
Dr. Jules Serano (she/they) – performed by Hazel Stapp (she/her)
Dr. Ringling (they/them) – performed by Dallas Wheatley (they/them)
Dr. Day (she/her) – performed by Sarah Rhea Werner (she/her)
Nessa Cheong (she/they) – performed by Elissa Park (she/her)
Wilder (she/they) – performed by Tina Daniels (she/her)
Roger Bragado-Fischer (he/him) – performed by Leeman Kessler (he/him)
Computer Voice – performed by Jen Ponton (she/her)
T-voices: Cass McPhee (he/him), Mel Hartman (they/them), and Mandy Hall (she/her)

Written / Produced / Edited by D.J. Sylvis (he/they);
editing assistance provided by Mandy Hall (she/her)

The theme music is the track, “Star,” by the band, “Ramp” – you can find them at; and this episode also featured their tracks, “Blush,” “Rising Falling”, and “Watersail.” Additional music during the dream sequence came from the track, “Sloth,” by Sounds Like An Earful Music Supply – you can find them at All sound effects came from – you can find further attribution on our website,

Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski –

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