Monkeyman Productions is Toronto’s Geekiest Media Company, from festivals and full-length theatrical productions to the new frontier of podcasting. For the past ten years, we’ve been creating and presenting compelling stories that also happen to speak to the geek in all of us – the enthusiast, the collector, the fan, the fabulist. We’ve used sci-fi, horror, fantasy; we’ve done work that crossed genres or outstripped them completely. We’ve found the human heart in monsters and mad scientists; shone the spotlight on sidekicks and rabid gamers; and now we’re bringing you a lonely voice broadcasting from the last Moonbase, and a pair of paranormal adventurers and their pot-bellied pig.

D.J.D.J. Sylvis, Company Manager / Writer in Residence (founding member)
D.J. has been involved in theatre for over 20 years as an actor, director, technician, playwright, and producer. You may know D.J. from such productions as That Great Green Galloping Lizard, Why Is My Cape So Tight?, and Dead Men Don’t Wear Communicators. He’s proud to be both a founding member and the playwright-in-residence for Monkeyman Productions, and prouder still to have the chance to work with such supreme – and supremely geeky – artists on our productions. Not since the Justice League has such a team been assembled, and he hopes to spend many more years as the Plastic Man of the group.

Past Company Members

Martin Chodorek (founding member), Brad Rowe (founding member), Tim Nussey (founding member), Lisa Sciannella, Linn Øyen Farley, Leeman Kessler, Manda Whitney, Christopher Ross, Hannah Barnett-Kemper, Scott Clarkson, Jessica Nelson, Phil Rickaby, Jordi O’Dael, Andrew Gaunce