Welcome to the Season Two Cast for Moonbase Theta, Out!



Since 2008, Monkeyman Productions has produced theatre of the futuristic, the freakish, and the fantastic. We examine the obsessions and enthusiasms of a society informed by comic books, monster movies, and video games – speaking the language of Internet addicts, collectors, and true believers. We draw from popular culture just as Shakespeare drew from the common culture of his day – creating our own laser-fueled, zombie-ridden mythologies with a definite eye for the absurd, but also a corresponding empathy for a subject matter which, in the end, encompasses all of us. We are all, in one way or another, geeks. We are all Monkeys.

LisaLisa Sciannella
Lisa Sciannella hales from North York Toronto. And every night she enacts elaborate plans to take over the world. Until headway is made in her delusions of world dominance, Lisa has worked with several theatre companies, like Theatre Inspirato, The Cabbage Town Theatre and Monkeyman Productions. For some reason they sometimes let her run things back stage. And on rare occasions they even let her play with a glue gun. The resulting mayhem is indescribable.


D.J.D.J. Sylvis (founding member)
D.J. has been involved in theatre for over 20 years as an actor, director, technician, playwright, and producer. You may know D.J. from such productions as That Great Green Galloping Lizard, Why Is My Cape So Tight?, and Dead Men Don’t Wear Communicators. He’s proud to be both a founding member and the playwright-in-residence for Monkeyman Productions, and prouder still to have the chance to work with such supreme – and supremely geeky – artists on our productions. Not since the Justice League has such a team been assembled, and he hopes to spend many more years as the Plastic Man of the group.

TimTimothy Nussey (founding member)
Tim was born in the city of Toronto and is a graduate of the Ryerson Theatre School. He has been involved in performance, including theatre, music and film for over a decade in the city, but it is with the forming of Monkeyman productions that Tim has truly found his love for the theatre and especially for acting. Tim has appeared in many Monkeyman shows, with highlights including Dead Man’s Party, and Godzilla on Sundays. He has also taken on the mantle of producer for some shows, and enjoys it, even if the learning curve can be pretty steep.

Jordi O’Dael
Jordi is a trans nonbinary performer, director, dramaturg, and producer. A UWinnipeg/Randolph College alum, Jordi has based their career on portraying 12 year old children, ancient evil constructs, and creating queer punk feminist impressionist pieces. In 2017, Jordi served as co-writer, dramaturg, producer, and performer for the award winning, breakout hit ‘NASTY’ at the Toronto Fringe. They are a co-founder of Maelstrom Art Collective; a collective dedicated to creating diverse protest pieces, and socially responsible horror company Aberrant Theatre. They enjoy challenging oppressive paradigms, corgis, and all forms of potatoes.

Andrew Gaunce
Andrew is not one of your so-called “human” creatures (a word that truly has no meaning, as it can be applied to even the current ruler of Ontario), but is a Beast from the 39th Dimension presenting here in a form that will not melt your tiny minds. When he is not facing down his nemesis, Ned Nicely of the Neptunian Guard, on battlegrounds across our universe, he hosts a cooking show and writes blog posts about tiny dogs. He is also standing on the street corner across from your house, watching while you sleep.

Past Company Members

Martin Chodorek (founding member), Brad Rowe (founding member), Linn Øyen Farley, Leeman Kessler, Manda Whitney, Christopher Ross, Hannah Barnett-Kemper, Scott Clarkson, Jessica Nelson, Phil Rickaby

Past Collaborators

  • Lindsey Alston
  • Lizz Armstrong
  • Michael Atlin
  • Sarah Beaudin
  • Bespoke Theatre Company
  • Clare Blackwood
  • Matthew Ivan Bennett
  • Michael-David Blostein
  • Sarah Blostein
  • Susan Bond
  • Sarah Bowden
  • Esther Brown
  • Andrew Campana
  • Graeme Casson
  • Mitchell Court
  • Adam Cresswell
  • Merritt Crews
  • Debs & Errol
  • Joseph Deogracias
  • Jeff Dingle
  • Erin Eldershaw
  • Adam Esquenazi Douglas
  • Heather Emme
  • Nicole Fairbairn
  • Mark Farmer
  • Mark Gagné
  • Andrew Gaunce
  • Martha Girvin
  • Kelsey Goldberg
  • Tasha Gordon-Solmon
  • Jennie Grimard
  • Brandon Hackett
  • Jordan Hall
  • Anne Harper
  • Jeffrey Henderson
  • Melanie Hrymak
  • Amanda Ives
  • Cameron Johnston
  • Sean Kaufmann
  • Jennifer Kenneally
  • Sarah Knight
  • Janina Kowalski
  • Luke LaRocque
  • Robert LaRonde
  • Rory Leahy
  • Alexandra LeBlanc
  • Kat Letwin
  • Rufio Parker Luey
  • Mark Harvey Levine
  • Tanya Lynne
  • Kari Maaren
  • Colin MacDonald
  • Michael Mackinnon
  • Daisy MacLean
  • Chelsea P. Manders
  • Camilla Maxwell
  • Leslie McBay
  • Sarah McCready
  • Tom McGee
  • Matt McGrath
  • Megan Miles
  • Laura Moniz
  • Emma Moore
  • Jack Morton
  • Stephen Near
  • Rebecca Nesvet
  • Jordi O’Dael
  • Jeff Orchard
  • Davian Den Otter
  • Stefanie Pantalone
  • Nick Philpott
  • Kay Poiro
  • Simon Pond
  • Rae Powell
  • Kelly Preeper
  • Adrianna Prosser
  • Laura Roald
  • Kevin Robinson
  • Charlene Rockwell
  • Miriam Rosalky
  • Jessica Rose
  • Tom Rylett
  • Kyle Shields
  • Neil Silcox
  • Valen Steer
  • David Straus
  • Sarah Swift
  • Paul Tamm
  • Michael Trottier
  • Victoria Urquhart
  • Shawn Van Osch
  • Annemieke Wade
  • Holly West
  • Chloë Whitehorn
  • M.J. Williams
  • Diana Woody
  • Melissa Zaccardelli