We need your support for MTO Season Two!

Many thanks … and a Half-Ape to come

First of all, many many Monkey-thanks to everyone who made it out to The Banana Festival — a tremendous time was had and I think we put on some damn good plays. We’re hoping to bring the Festival back next year, so if you’re a playwright / director / actor who thought it was a good idea, add us to your newsfeed / Facebook / Twitter and we’ll keep you in the loop!

Of course, now that the show has closed, we’re fighting off the post-production blues by looking forward to the company’s future. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming in the next few months, both as far as the company itself (you’ll be seeing some new faces soon) and the shows we’ve got coming for you. It’s an exciting time to be a Monkeyman — or a Monkeyfan!

Next up, most likely later in June, we’ll be doing a reading of the brand-spanking-new draft (so brand new I’m not done with it yet — gulp) of The Nefarious Bed & Breakfast, a comedy that has everything your geeky heart could desire: a devious villain, valiant (if in one case, a little boneheaded) heroes, utility belts, undercover intrigue, a giant laser, and a half-man, half-ape. Keep your calendar open, and we’ll be posting more once we set a date!

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