MSFHTII Cast Member Interview: Martin Chodorek

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I like turtles. And by turtles I mean football and theatre. One day I’d like to combine them in some fashion. Just football and theatre. Not turtles. Though, I’m sure someone out there would be interested in a look at the career of Y. A. Tittle told as the story of an animated, football-playing, great leatherback sea turtle named Yelberton Abraham Turtle. You could even call it “Leatherback” – it practically writes itself. Heck, there’s a broadway show about Vince Lombardi now. Anything’s possible, right?

2. Do you have a blog or website?

I’m digging tumblr. I’ve been posting for a little while now at: .

3. Is this your first Monkeyman show? If not, what monkey-credits do you have under your belt?

Heavens, no. I’m proud to be a founding member of the company. I’ve been involved, in some way, in every production to-date. If the company was a video arcade machine, I would think of myself as having a key to the coin box. Unlimited credits! Wait, that makes it sound like I’m embezzling. Bad analogy. But that’s a fun word because it has two z’s. So, not a total loss.

4. Tell us a little about the character you are playing.

I feel like Jamie is a guy who struggles with his geekiness. I don’t mean he’s self-loathing about it, but a situation like the zombie apocalypse challenges him to adjust his priorities and forces him to strike a new balance between self-indulgence and self-denial. Or perhaps, for him, the struggle is in finding a way to shift the geekery of escapism/denial to geekery as a method of finding creative, active solutions to the problems of a shattered world.

5. Monkeyman Productions tends to produce shows that are a little on the “nerdy” side.  What do you get nerdy about?

I don’t necessarily ‘excel’ in any one area. Some computing here, some sci-fi there. I guess language is something about which I really get technically passionate. Or passionately technical. Passionical. Technonate. Scratch the last one. Sounds like a musical mix-master: Techno Nate. Ha. Scratching. Literally.

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