MSFHTII Cast Member Interview: Timothy Nussey

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a graduate of the Ryerson Theatre School, and a founding member of Monkeyman Productions. And a geek. And a waiter. And single. And I like shwarma. And good music, not bad music. Like The Arcade Fire, they make good music. Nickleback do not make good music. Sorry, what was the original question? F#@king Nickleback.

2. Do you have a blog or website?

Yes, and it is very sadly neglected.

3. Is this your first Monkeyman show? If not, what monkey-credits do you have under your belt?

I have all of the Monkey-credits under my belt. My fellow company members like to tease me for my pride in this fact, but it is the truth. Yep, this belt is chock full o’ them sweet sweet Monkey credits. D.J. and Marty say that when I get enough I will be able to turn them in for something…

4. What other shows have you been in recently?

The last non-Monkeyman show I was in was a production called, “In Therapy”, which was a part improv, part loosley scripted out series of four scenes of couples in therapy sessions. It was created by a real therapist, who played herself in the show. Her goal with it was to try and show what a real therapy session is like, in order to encoursge people to give it a shot. It was a very interesting project to work on, and I hope they plan another soon.

5. Tell us a little about the characters you are playing.

I am playing two characters, “Midshipman”, and “Bernie”. Midshipman is a day player in the first episode of the Phoenix re-launch and is really hoping to stick around for an episode or two, maybe even longer. As long as he doesn’t get stuck in a red shirt… Meanwhile, Bernie is part of a quartet of friends whom are trying to ride out a zombie apocalypse by hiding in his basement and playing XBOX 360 and D&D. I like to hink as Bernie as the heart of the group, sort of the little brother of the other three. He’s a strong kid though, and a waaaay better role-player than Joe. Also don’t worry about supplies, his Dad was crazy for Costco and bought like 123 of everything.

6. Having been in every Monkeyman Show. What is it that you enjoy most about returning to Monkeyman show?

It is always a blast to work on a Monkeyman show. We have an excellent crew of talent and tech, and I come in to every project with complete faith in them. We get to play, and especially with a show like Dead Man’s Party it can even trail off in to a bit of goofing off during rehearsals. We do make sure to get the work in with the fun, don’t you worry none. We have a good little monkey-bunch, and I am just plumb tickled every time we get together.

7. Monkeyman Productions tends to produce shows that are a little on the “nerdy” side. What do you get nerdy about?

I get pretty geeky (my preferred term) about things like movies and TV (Firefly, Start Trek: TNG, Robot Chicken, The Venture Brothers, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Kung-Pow, Indiana Jones, and on and on…), music (Radiohead, The Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Weird Al, Stars, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Erik B & Rakim, etc, etc) and video games. That list goes way back in to childhood and crosses may platforms, so um, I’ll name 5. Dungeon Master, Snatcher, Final Fantasy (7!), Resident Evil 4, Mass Effect. And the bonus game is Fallout, because I thought it was dead and then it came back to life. In a good way, not a zombie way. Thank you.

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