Audience member review of MSFHTII

Victoria Murdoch posted a review of Monkey Sci-Fi Horror Theatre II on her blog:

Last night, Reg and I had the privilege of attending a performance of Monkeyman Productions Monkey Sci-Fi Horror Theatre II. It proved to be an entertaining performance full of the best Star Trek, D&D, and LARP inside-jokes that are still funny to non-insiders.  Being a fan of Star Trek TNG helped me feel like Phoenix II – the first of the two one-act plays – was speaking directly to me. And coming straight from Halloween Haunt gave me a great appreciation for the zombie theme in the second play, Dead Man’s Party. I attended to see my friend and website designer Phil strut his stuff as Sir Alec Guthrie/Qing’Caan in Pheonix II and as director of Dead Man’s Party, and ended up falling in love with the rest of the cast’s brilliant comic timing and D.J. Sylvis’ witty writing. There are still two shows left! If you’re looking to pay homage to your fandom in a theatre setting, head to the Palmerson Library Theatre Friday or Saturday night at 7:30. You won’t be disappointed!

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