1 MC & 1 DJ – Geeks Going Ape

1 MC & 1 DJ: An exclusive series of discussions between the AD and GM of Monkeyman Productions… two men of letters. This edition’s topic: Geeks Going Ape – Exploring the Monkey/Geek Connection.

Blame George, George

Name me a situation as bizarre as a group of people angrily wishing someone doesn’t die. For George R. R. Martin, it must come as very confusing.

Monkeyman Merchandise!

You may not have noticed in all the goings-on surrounding our recent site revamp, but this summer we’ve also introduced the Monkeyman Company Store – where you can spend that extra cash burning a hole in your Paypal account on assorted logo-plastered frippery and geegaws.

We Need a Geek Party

We need a Geek Party. No, not the kind where everyone drinks and argues over SNES or Sega while trying to outquote Joss Whedon’s intellectual properties at each other, although those are always appreciated.