Closer and Closer to Opening Night!

blogged by Tim Nussey, co-founding member, appearing in The Simian Showcase!

Whilst pondering what to blog about for our next Monkeyman show, I began thinking about what I find special and particularly enjoyable about The Showcase. We have always done our best to provide a unique and freeing environment with our shows, for the audience of course, but also with our performers, directors and technical crew. I can say with no hint of a lie that I think I experience this the most during The Simian Showcase. We work with new performers, new playwrights, new directors, and with the format of an evening of short plays, it allows us to go in any direction we like with them, and they with us.

I can say that I have had a great deal of fun with Matt and Deej, as Matt and I test each other and get to know how we work as a team on stage, and as Deej watches and guides us to the performance he has envisioned and knows we can achieve. I believe that this is truly representative of a Monkeyman Productions show experience. I am completely comfortable, as I feel both of my compatriots are and that is what will come through during our play. Which, I believe, will give the audience a sense of excitement, as they watch a performance that is truly the result of combining work and play. That is what I can personally promise from Gunpowder Arizona, and I am excited to sit and watch the same energy unfold in the other three plays we will be presenting for you. Debs and Errol shouldn’t be too bad either… kidding you two (don’t hurt me)! See you all there!

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