Welcome the new Chimps on the Block!

One of the things you missed if you didn’t make it out to last Saturday’s Monkey Night in Canada was a very special introduction – to the three newest company members: Lisa Sciannella, Manda Whitney, and Christopher Ross!

As we move forward into our fifth year of producing theatre and the plans we have from there, we found that we were ready to bring a few more folks into the Monkeyhouse. We extended invitations to Lisa, Manda and Chris – all of whom we have worked with extensively in the past year or two – and all three accepted. Now we’ve got three more shadowy figures behind the scenes, pulling strings and making deals as a part of the Simian Cabal.

Of course, there is no cabal. Anyway, welcome to our new inductees, and we look forward to a happy and productive partnership as we all make more theatre happen!

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