Other Audio Fiction For Your Earholes!

Hey, folks! A lot of people (particularly on Twitter) seem to ask for podcast recommendations, and instead of coming up with something on the fly, I thought I’d make a list for handy referral that I could just share in those situations! So here’s what the discriminating Monkey is listening to:

Fiction With Something More

  • Greater Boston – truly in a category by itself and quite possibly my all-time favourite – deeply touching stories and a social narrative and an absolutely literary scope


People With Powers

  • The Beacon – the most charming exploration of powers and personal connections
  • Super Ordinary – true to life with a heap of moral ambiguity
  • Love & Luck – the most amazing queer romance – I’ll let you discover the powers part on your own
  • The Van – kids with powers in an awfully dramatic situation

Fantasy (both traditional and contemporary / urban, mostly comic)


  • Nightlight – Black horror read and produced by Black talent
  • Punishment Island – immersive dark paranormal stories set in Kampala, Uganda
  • SCP Archives – kind of a creepypasta anthology thingy – it’s creepy in the best of ways
  • Archive 81 – found footage audio horror
  • Station Blue – atmospheric isolation horror

One of a Kind

  • The Far Meridian – parallel worlds with amazing characters and a gentle exploration
  • Caravan – weird and wonderful paranormal western with strong queer elements
  • The Cryptonaturalist – strange creatures and nature poetry
  • Victoriocity – detective comedy alternate world awesomeness
  • The 12:37 – Queer time-travel train-hoppping adventure, with a delicate touch where it’s needed

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