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Hey, folks! A lot of people (particularly on Twitter) seem to ask for podcast recommendations, and instead of coming up with something on the fly, I thought I’d make a list for handy referral that I could just share in those situations! So here’s what the discriminating Monkey is listening to:

Fiction With Something More

  • Greater Boston – truly in a category by itself and quite possibly my all-time favourite – deeply touching stories in a social narrative with an absolutely literary scope


  • This Planet Needs a Name – the softest, most wonderful cure to gloomy views of the future
  • Oz-9 – silly and wonderful
  • The Strange Case of Starship Iris – touching emotion and all-around kick-ass adventure
  • Civilized – Absolutely flawless (and improvised – how?) dark comedy
  • Vega, a Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast – narrative ramped-up awesomeness
  • Relativity – an immersive space-based mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat
  • Project Ozma – dizzying adventure with a queer kick (complete now, and their new show in the same universe, Novitero!)
  • Seren – a complex, hearbreaking dystopian journey that you’ll be utterly enveloped in (and want so much to save her from)
  • It Was Never Just About The Revolution – intense and touching and just at the beginning of the journey
  • Windfall – immersive and just the right balance of adventure and personal story
  • The Pilgrimage Saga – honestly has a bit of everything! If you love sci-fi, you’ll find something to connect with in this show
  • and of course, Moonbase Theta, Out – our kinda-dystopian emotional queer sci-fi drama with tardigrades and Dairy Milk

People With Powers

  • The Beacon – the most charming exploration of powers and personal connections
  • Super Ordinary – true to life with a heap of moral ambiguity
  • Love & Luck – the most amazing queer romance – I’ll let you discover the powers part on your own
  • The Van – kids with powers in an awfully dramatic situation
  • With Caulk and Candles – this kinda slides between genres, but there’s some potential power going on here, and you should listen!

Fantasy (both traditional and contemporary / urban, mostly comic)


One of a Kind

  • The Far Meridian – parallel worlds with amazing characters and a gentle exploration
  • Caravan – weird and wonderful paranormal western with strong queer elements
  • The Cryptonaturalist – strange creatures and nature poetry
  • Victoriocity – detective comedy alternate world awesomeness
  • Y2K – A touching story of long-distance friendship in the year 2000
  • The Atomic Library – Post-apocalyptic in the most amusing ways
  • And MonkeyTales, our anthology series of one-off hopepunk stories
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