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MTO S2 Promo Episode – Transcript

MOONBASE THETA, OUT – S2 Promo Episodeby D.J. Sylvis Listen to the episode here ROGER Recording. This is Roger Bragado-Fischer, Communications, Moonbase Theta. As per your … explicit instructions, I have begun monitoring the personal messages of all active personnel. … Continue reading

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MTO 50,000 Downloads Giveaway!

Hi folks! It’s time for a giveaway to celebrate the 50,000 downloads milestone! Write us a review – on iTunes or other podcast apps that allow that (send a screenshot), or on Twitter and tag both accounts – and you’re … Continue reading

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MTO – Season 2 Promo!

Welcome to the promo episode for Moonbase Theta, Out Season 2! Our new season will launch on August 18th, and it’s going to be a lot more personal. Including, of course, a lot more persons! You’ll be hearing Roger, Alex, Wilder, Nessa, Michell, Ashwini … and revealed here, the surprise sixth character on-Base! Share, enjoy, and add August 18th to your calendar!

Special thanks to everyone who is making this season possible – by listening, by talking us up online, and by backing us on Patreon ( or sending a donation via our Ko-Fi page ( We always need more help in these areas (our exceptional voice actors deserve to be paid!), and we’re always grateful for the support.

Roger Bragado-Fischer (he/him) – performed by Leeman Kessler (he/him)
Alexandre Bragado-Fischer (he/they) – performed by Gabriel Tankeko (he/they)
Michell L’Anglois (he/him) – performed by Cass McPhee (he/him)
Nessa Cheong (she/they) – performed by Elissa Park (she/her)
Ashwini Ray (ze/zir) – performed by Tau Zaman (they/them/their)
Wilder (she/they) – performed by Tina Daniels (she/her)
Tumnus (they) – performed by Jen Ponton (she/her)

Written / Produced / Edited by D.J. Sylvis (he/they)

Theme music is “Star” by the band Ramp – Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski –

You can find more information at You can also find us at Monkeyman Productions on Facebook, and as @MonkeymanProd on Twitter.

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