MTO Season 2 Launch Party!

MTO Launch Party Invitation

That’s right, we’re ten days away from the Moonbase Theta, Out S2 launch, and we’re planning a party! Of the online voice-chat variety, that is. Courtesy of our friends at the Podcast Junkie Discord, where our channel is hosted! Come chat with the cast and creator, listen to S2E1 with us (even if you’ve already listened by that point), and maybe even get a tease of what comes next!

Sunday, August 18th, 7:30pm
Podcast Junkie Discord server (not a member yet? Join at!)

(If you don’t know Discord at all, you can use it through your browser as well as with an app on your phone. It’s basically a message board server – and the one we’re on is a pretty large one, with lots of different shows and creators and fans all hanging out together! There are also dedicated voice channels – we’ll be using one of those for the actual party. If you want more general information, you can start from – but you need to use the link above to be able to find ours in particular!)

Hope to see you there!

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