First S2 review is out!

Many thanks to Alasdair Stuart for the first review of our new season! I’ll resist the urge to quote the whole thing, but a few quick passages:

“Season 2, so far, is better.

I had the honor of hearing the first three episodes earlier this week and they are exactly what you want a sequel to be; more but different, the same but larger. This is a world crammed full of stories and these three episodes introduce us to some of the best of them, as well as some new cast members.”

“MTO season 2 functions as both a great jumping on point and a great escalation. You’ll like these characters instantly, you’ll care about them even as they start to screw up. And they will. Buckle up, we’re back on the Moon and while the pick up ship isn’t coming there’s still a ton to do.”

You can read the full review here. See you all in two days for the S2 launch!!!

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