MTO S2E3 – “Alexandre, Nessa, Roger”

In the aftermath of political instability, Alexandre tries desperately to get a message through to Roger. On-Base, Nessa composes a message to her family in Zhengzhou while keeping up her work in the hydroponic farm. Roger is finally able to listen and reply, and as things calm down the conversation deepens.

Recommended S1 Episodes for context: S1E4 – “Seventeen”; S1E5 – “Sixteen”

Alexandre Bragado-Fischer (he/they) – performed by Gabriel Tankeko (he/they)
Nessa Cheong (she/they) – performed by Elissa Park (she/her)
Roger Bragado-Fischer (he/him) – performed by Leeman Kessler (he/him)

Written / Produced / Edited by D.J. Sylvis (he/they)
Portuguese Translation provided by Mary Anne Matos (she/her)

Theme music is “Star” by the band Ramp – Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski –

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