MonkeyTales – Coming Soon!


A hopepunk audio fiction anthology series , starting in December from Monkeyman Productions.

What is MonkeyTales? (What are MonkeyTales?) It’s a monthly ongoing series of one-shot episodes, self-contained stories, with settings ranging from fantastic other worlds to possible futures to the very real and everyday.

Clip from Episode 1, “Stars”, featuring Sena Bryer and Cole Burkhardt; written by D.J. Sylvis

MonkeyTales is brought to you by the creators of Moonbase Theta, Out and a collection of incredibly talented voice actors you’ve heard on shows like Unplaced, Caravan, The Tales of Sage and Savant, and, well, Moonbase Theta, Out!

Clip from Episode 3, “Chance”, featuring Tina Daniels and Danielle Shemaiah; written by D.J. Sylvis

Most importantly, MonkeyTales is hopepunk, an optimistic, positive take on storytelling where there isn’t always a happy ending, but there’s always a hopeful one; where love and resistance don’t just light a candle against the darkness, they light a bonfire; where we win the day by building connections and communities; where we find hope and use the tales we tell to spread that around.

Clip from Episode 2, “Super”, featuring Martin Chodorek; written by D.J. Sylvis

You can find MonkeyTales in all your podcast apps this December, as well as online at You can follow us on Twitter, and follow Monkeyman Productions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates. Finally, if you want to help support this sort of storytelling and get great perks including early access to episodes, you can become one of our backers at patreon dot com slash monkeymanproductions.

MonkeyTales cover art is by Cora May. Our theme song is “Follow the Muse,” by Deborah Linden. Thank you for listening – we can’t wait to share our stories with you soon!

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