MTO S2E6 – “Michell, Roger, Alexandre”

Season 2, Episode 6 Header

Michell is still riding high after Roger’s official reprimand – but receiving Nessa’s message brings him crashing back down. Roger sends a message home and gets down to the real, painfully secret source of his problems. Alex responds with an intimate admission of his own, and looks to their future together.

Recommended S1 Episodes for context: S1E10 – “Eleven”; S1E11 – “Ten”

Please note that this episode includes discussions of violence and death, as well as depression and extreme mental distress.

Michell L’Anglois (he/him) – performed by Cass McPhee (he/they)
Roger Bragado-Fischer (he/him) – performed by Leeman Kessler (he/him)
Alexandre Bragado-Fischer (he/they) – performed by Gabriel Tankeko (he/they)
Enclave Officer performed by D.J. Sylvis

Written / Produced / Edited by D.J. Sylvis (he/they)
Portuguese Translations – Mary Anne Matos

Theme music is “Star” by the band Ramp – Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski –

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The Enclave Officer won’t return for another month, but we’ll be back in fourteen short days with Episode 7! See you then, space friends!

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