Moonbase Theta, Out Joins the Fable and Folly Network!

As of today (well, the transition will take some time, but it’s official today), Moonbase Theta, Out will be joining a roster of absolutely amazing audio fiction in the formation of a network that hopes to change advertising and sponsorship in the format! Fiction shows are a breed all of their own, and to make them more financially viable they need their own way to reach the public. Fable and Folly hope to make that happen!

Personally, it’s an area of podcasting that we haven’t had tons of time to focus on – we’re lucky to have a base of tremendous Patreon supporters, but as we hope to grow and pay our folks better and give you more of this story we love, ads would be a great thing to make work as well. And to be making it happen with a list of shows and creators we love this much – how could we not take a crack at it?

So watch for more news, and in the upcoming months you’ll see a new framework for the existing MTO episodes that hopefully drops in some space for advertisements without getting in the way of your listening. Hopefully, it’ll even have some fun extras that enhance the world we’ve created. New challenges ahead!

The full press release is below if you’d like to read the official, much better-worded announcement. Thanks, and keep watching the Moon!

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