The Moonbase Theta, Out logo - a cartoon of the surface of the Moon with a small bunker and a communications tower. Beneath the logo is the word, "Remixed."

Hey there, Moonbaseians! Okay, no question, Leeman Kessler is absolutely amazing as Roger Bragado-Fischer. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear other folks interpret the character?

Well, whether you have or not, that’s what we’re doing! With the help of numerous other creators, we’ve brought you a reimagined MTO Season 1 – each episode from a different voice! Originally presented day by day back in April, the project shared new takes on this classic material from Sean Howard, Sarah Rhea Werner, Tal Minear, Nerys Howell, Evan Tess Murray … and so many more amazing names from audio fiction.

We originally shared the links on Twitter or Facebook as a fun, social thing for our followers – and now we’re sharing them split into two weeks on the regular feed as well! (Part 1! Part 2!)

(Also, you may note on this page there are two bonus episodes at the end that won’t make it into the regular feed!) Hope you enjoy, wherever you’re hearing them! Keep watching the Moon!

Check out the original Season One after each episode to hear our Earth-Prime Roger, Leeman Kessler, and his amazing work on the show!

EpisodeFeaturingTheir Show(s)
S1E1: “Twenty” – April 6, 2020Lee Davis-ThalbourneSupernatural Sexuality, Love & Luck
S1E2: “Nineteen” – April 7, 2020 Robin HowellSeren
S1E3: “Eighteen” – April 8, 2020 Alasdair StuartEscape Artists Inc.
S1E4: “Seventeen” – April 9, 2020 Mandy HallThe Devil Hates Mondays
S1E5: “Sixteen” – April 10, 2020 Karin HeimdahlY2K
S1E6: “Fifteen” – April 13, 2020 Dallas WheatleyFireside Folktales
S1E7: “Fourteen” – April 14, 2020 Sarah Golding Quirky Voices Presents
S1E8: “Thirteen” – April 15, 2020 Sarah Rhea Werner Girl in Space
S1E9: “Twelve” – April 16, 2020Bonnie Brantley Oz-9
S1E10: “Eleven” – April 17, 2020Cass McPhee Moonbase Theta, Out
S1E11: “Ten” – April 20, 2020Kristi Boulton Civilized
S1E12: “Nine” – April 21, 2020Steven LaFond, Jas LaFond Witchever Path
S1E13: “Eight” – April 22, 2020Tal Minear Sidequesting
S1E14: “Seven” – April 23, 2020Hedley Knights We Fix Space Junk
S1E15: “Six” – April 24, 2020Bob Raymonda Windfall
S1E16: “Five” – April 27, 2020Emma Brown Husk
S1E17: “Four” – April 28, 2020Sean Howard Civilized
S1E18: Three” – April 29, 2020Evan Tess MurrayThis Planet Needs a Name
S1E19: Two” – April 30, 2020Lee Shackleford Relativity
S1E20: “One” – May 1, 2020A.R. Olivieri 2298
S1 Bonus – May 4, 2020D.J. SylvisMoonbase Theta, Out
S2 Bonus – May 5, 2020Leeman KesslerMoonbase Theta, Out