Welcome to the Monkeyhouse!

Greetings, Monkeyfolk! How do you like the new website? Designed by our good friend Linn Øyen Farley and maintained by yours truly, this is the new hub for All Things Monkey. We’re still unpacking, but there’s plenty to see already — information on past and future productions, photographs from our exalted (two year) history, and a brand-new company mandate that we’re taking to heart as we move into our first production of the year.

And have you heard about The Banana Festival yet? It’s less than a month away — you should be reading up on the plays and reserving your tickets even now. Go, go!

Still here? Well, I hope you’ll go check that out eventually. We’re really excited about this show and the new (at least to us) talent it’ll be bringing your way. There’ll be geek-gasms all around!

Take a look around, kick the tires, check the teeth and please let us know at headchimp@monkeymanproductions.com what you think of the place. And don’t forget the other ways to track the Monkeys — there are links just to my right for our Twitter feed, our Facebook group and an RSS feed to let you know every time we update.

It’s been a hell of a ride over the past two years, and I’m glad you’ve been around to be a part of it. We appreciate your continued support, fandom and creative input as Monkeyman soldiers on through 2010 and into the future.

I’m sorry, I mean … THE FUTURE!

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