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Just catching up on a few things as we pass the halfway point on Headshots and Healing Potions – four nights (8 shows) down, and four more nights to go – including two shows tonight at 8:45 and 9:30! Hope you’ll come out and join the very appreciative audiences we’ve had so far.

We did have another really nice write-up, so check this link when you have a chance! “Whitney, Cresswell, and Henderson are all born performers, effortlessly drawing the audience in with nothing but their charisma and enthusiasm for the gaming world.”

Our co-author and co-star Manda Whitney has been making promo videos for the show (with the ‘help’ of Monkeyfriend Errol Elumir) and posting them on Youtube – they’re well worth a look! Here’s the last of them, you can find the whole series on their channel:

Have a good Tuesday, and don’t forget to keep on Fringing, Monkeyfolks!

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