Opening Night and the Headshots Top Ten!

Happy happy opening, Toronto Fringers! Theatre’s gonna be busting out all over the place in the next two weeks, and we’re proud to be a part of the fun. We thought we’d celebrate our personal opening night (tonight at 6:45 and 7:30) with our top ten quotes from the show! In no particular order, of course …

  • “What’s wrong with potions! Mana, limit breaks, it’s very complex!”
  • “I was mapping out Dragon Warrior and killing off Mega Mans when you were still rocking a Speak and Spell.”
  • “The way is blocked by a stout door. In the top corner is a manufacturer’s label: ‘Your dungeon: is protected by an Oakenshield, brought to you by Thorin Industries'”
  • “The problem we have is that video game movies … they have a certain reputation. Mortal Kombat, House of the Dead. Super Mario Brothers.”
  • “Fingers on W-A-S-D, and your pinky on the Shift key … check your Health and Ammo meters … and now, gently ease into the fray.”
  • “There’s really nothing quite like putting a bullet through a vampire alien.”
  • “You’d think that the logical step to becoming a warrior would be to get a buzz cut.”
  • “Mario just wasn’t satisfying me anymore. Zelda was the only reason to stick around.”
  • “I don’t understand. Try ‘Help’ for a list of commands.”
  • “You’re not playing your Final Fantasies here, this is the big league! This is co-op!”

Of course, if you want to figure out what the heck these have to do with the show, and hear all the other lines that fit around them, you’re gonna have to come out and see for yourself! Good Fringing to you all – and good gaming!

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