Monkey Night in Canada! Sept. 27 2014! AAAAAHHHH!

Good morning, folks! We’ll be starting the deluge of Sidekicks and Secret Identities posts soon enough, but FIRST! Only eleven nights away is our yearly party / fundraiser, MONKEY NIGHT IN CANADA! Come out and have a few drinks, play a few games, and share geeky quips with your favourite Monkeyfolks!

There’s no charge or suggested donation at the door, so no one feels left out – but we will be accepting donations at the event, as well as holding a 50/50 draw and a little bit of raffle action. And every dollar goes toward the show!


Come join Monkeyman Productions at The Duke of Somerset for a night of fun and nerdery. We will be raising funds and awareness for our upcoming production of Sidekicks and Secret Identities, opening October 17th at Fraser Studios. This show will bring you a theatrical anthology set in the world of Supers – where the heroes are unexpected, the bystanders aren’t all that innocent, and the sidekicks finally get their moment of glory!

Our party will be at The Duke of Somerset, 655 Bay St, just south of Bay and Gerrard St west, on September 27th starting at 8 pm. There will be gaming, a bit of nosh for the early birds, a word or two from those involved in creating the show, as well as a few fund raising activities that should be fun and rewarding for all. In addition The Duke of Somerset will be offering their 30oz mug night $8 special! We hope to see you all on Saturday, September 27th at The Duke of Somerset. Let’s get geeky!

Duke of Somerset: Get your map here!

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