Sidekicks Sunday – October 19!

And now, a very special announcement from Sidekicks and Secret Identities:


One of the most exciting parts of our fall production is being able to bring you the world debut of Errol Elumir and Manda Whitney’s play Sidekicks, based on their upcoming webseries about two stellar representatives of Good and Evil, Flex Girl and Minion 5, and their … adventures. Really, adventures might be overstating it. Encounters?

But we’re so pleased to be bringing this action-packed (really! there’s a fight sequence!) masterpiece your way, we’ve decided to take our first matinĂ©e performance and dedicate it solely to a very special Sidekicks event! At this showing, your ticket gets you the following:

*** The entirety of Sidekicks, as included in every S&SI performance (Fortress of Solitude and Super will not be performed at this showing)
*** Special musical performances by Debs & Errol (yes, it’s the same Errol) and by Kari Maaren!
*** A chance to meet, greet, and ask embarrassing questions of the two playwrights! (Yes, Errol again! But Manda too!)

This chance only comes along once (at least in this dimension), and you’d be a fool to miss out. Order your tickets now for Sidekicks Sunday, or any performance of Sidekicks and Secret Identities, by clicking on this link!

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