Moonbase Theta, Out – Promo Episode!

Welcome to the world of Moonbase Theta, Out with our promo episode! This is a little preview of the world we’re creating, so take a listen!

Moonbase Theta, Out is a serial podcast that will consist of 20 weekly episodes broadcast by Roger Bragado-Fischer, Communications, reporting to Earth on the decomissioning and shutdown of the last working Moonbase. As the weeks pass, we learn more about Roger and the other crew members, experience their humour, frustration, romance, and tragedy, and see them to the completely unexpected end of it all.

Moonbase Theta, Out is written by D.J. Sylvis, and performed by Leeman Kessler. You can find more information here on the website, or on the Monkeyman Facebook or Twitter. You can also support the show on Patreon – if you support us at $5 a month or more, you’ll have access to the entire season of MTO from the first full episode’s regular release!

Moonbase Theta, Out
S1E0 – “Promo Episode”

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