Ten Years and our Patreon!

Yesterday, we posted the first preview of the newest Monkeyman effort. It’s been ten years now since we told our first geeky story as a company, and we’re still moving forward. There’s lots more to share before we’re done.

What we aren’t doing a lot of at the moment is stuff that sells tickets. Podcasts are a different creature altogether, and we’re hoping we can get your support in a different way to make them possible.

We’ve launched a Patreon site where you can support the company with a monthly donation, and get behind-the-scenes peeks at what’s next, early access to episodes (like the full season of Moonbase Theta, Out when it launches!), and of course our unbridled gratitude. Or hell, if you want it bridled, we’ll do that, too. Whatever’s good for you.

We’ve always been a community together. Whether you can help us in this way or not, we appreciate your support, and we can’t wait to bring you new stories.


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