Moonbase Theta, Out – S2 Casting Call


Moonbase Theta, Out is a serial sci-fi podcast drama that has just finished our first season. Scripts for S2 are starting to come together, and we’re adding new voices to our cast! The show is expanding from single-voice monologues to a combination of monologues from different voices in the crew in each episode. Main Roles listed below would be in at least four of the ten S2 episodes.

If you don’t know the show yet, you can find more info and all of S1 here on the site – see the link in the header. As the new stuff is going to be woven around events and details from the first season, it’s really going to help you to listen first! They’re short episodes, it won’t take too long.


PAY: Main Roles below will be paid – right now at $20 (CAD, perhaps US if we can afford it) per episode. Our only funding currently is through Patreon – if we manage to boost our support, that will increase the pay rate as well.

PROCESS NOTE: We have a method we use to get the VAs involved in the script revision process, which is part of why we’re casting a little bit early. Basically, after completing early drafts, we like to send the script out to actors for a rough test recording (as these will be monologues, that’d just be you doing a recording yourself), to get a better idea of how it sounds, how it fits the voice that will be acting it, etc. Then revisions will incorporate this information to provide a better final draft. Any suggestions, notes, problems you have are also gratefully accepted as a part of the process.

DIVERSITY NOTE: You’ll note that the roles listed below are fairly specific when it comes to character ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, etc. While there is some room to make changes, it would not be to erase a marginalized group. Please do submit if you think your identity is compatible – we would consider other ethnicities, casting another queer person as a pan character, etc. We won’t cast a white person in a role originally written as non-white, a cis actor to play trans, a straight actor to play a queer character. Don’t go in thinking you’re the one who will convince us otherwise. (This is also the reason we ask these sort of things about you in the audition questions – only to make sure we’re casting marginalized actors for marginalized roles.)



Send files to – mp3s only, 44100hz, 192kbps, please use the same recording setup you’d have access to if you’re cast. Name the file as ROLE_YOUR NAME. Feel free to do 2-3 takes, though any more than that is probably overkill.

Please also provide the following in the body of your email:

  • Name
  • Pronouns
  • Ethnicity / sexuality / gender identity to the extent that you’re comfortable sharing them – only asked to match marginalized actors to roles as mentioned above
  • Any previous voice acting experience (you don’t have to have any, but we’d like to know if we’ve heard you before!)
  • And why you’re interested in Moonbase Theta, Out – what connection you feel to the material, if any


April 30, 2019, 11:59pm EST.

Thanks for taking a look!




(Late 30s Brazilian [non-white] cis man; bisexual; he/they pronouns) – The dutiful gay husband waiting on Earth, tending to his dogs and his garden. Civil engineer, frustrated poet, chubby guy. Speaks both English and Portuguese. Very much in love with his husband, Roger, but there’s been a rift between them in his absence.

LINE 1: I’m not giving up, and I’m sure as hell not letting you give up on me. Você é de comunicação, então fala comigo. Pelo menos fala alguma coisa, usa suas palavras bonitas. Start from … it’s probably not realistic to start from the day, but start somewhere, tell me how you’re feeling, what’s been inside your head since last year. All the things you haven’t wanted to say, I need to hear them. You’re too far away to stay this … far away.

LINE 2: At least there’s plenty to do now, here and at work. They trashed infrastructure all over the city, and of course now that they own it, it’s all … fix this yesterday. Our municipal team is raging. This is what they get for submitting to the Enclave’s roster, this is what they want. Engineers at their beck and call.


(Late 20s French-Norwegian trans man; pansexual; he/him pronouns) – Base Security officer, a little cocky, a little bit an asshole, pushing down his anxieties, pushing people away but clingy once he lets them in. Speaks English and French; French is used very sparingly. Still new to the Base and suspicious of everyone around him.

LINE 1: Replacing a three-person team isn’t great – c’est un emmerdeur, comes down to it – but the way things are headed on Earth, I’m not surprised. I hope they stuck them right on the wall with São Paolo. Managers too – at least up here, they went to stasis so I can run things the way I want. Braindead intolerant douche-rats.

LINE 2: Strapping down and suiting up. Michell L’anglois, badass on patrol. Music, off. Olfactory, off. Personal report … wait. Show me the location of Nessa Cheong. Good. Personal report, out, encrypt and file.


(Late 30s Chinese / East Asian cis woman; aromantic pansexual; she/her pronouns) – Agriculturalist and de facto Deanna-Troi-esque counsellor to her friends, very nurturing, open-hearted to a fault though she doesn’t feel romantic love in the slightest. Speaks English primarily, may mix in another language depending on the actor’s abilities.

LINE 1: And renewing my friendship with Roger has been a delight. He’s been here helping me out a bit of late, and of course he’s taken charge of the genetic archives, so we’ve talked quite a bit about how best to keep them viable. Roger’s … his intensity can be a bit much, but it’s not that they aren’t real worries. I’m glad you’re all in a safer spot than that Rio Enclave.

LINE 2: I can’t be what he wants, or thinks it was all along I suppose, and the guilt is … I was too clumsy and too focused on my own needs, and I thought I was far past that. I’m going to have to spend a lot of time in reflection before I feel centered again. I hope time lets me heal that wound.


(Early 40s Indian / South Asian nonbinary [genderfluid] person; omnisexual / polyamorous; ze/zir pronouns) – Astrophysicist, fantasist, dedicated to his work with a strictly separated (but extensive) personal and social life back on Earth. Floridly intelligent a la Jeff Goldblum. Speaks English and currently written occasionally speaking Gujarati – this could be adapted based on the actor’s abilities.

LINE 1: There’s no indication currently that anyone cares – certainly, no one has read my reports or accessed the backups that I diligently provide. No one shows the slightest inclination to wade through the skyful of information filtered down from our height into the computers on Earth. It may slip direct from the heavens into someone’s recycle bin and is no more.

LINE 2: That is why I hide away in my secret lair, after all. Well, that and my fellow Moon-base-ians sucking in every way humanly possible. I know how they talk about me. “That Ashwini, ze hides away in zir observatory talking to fantasy creatures. What a flake, what a nut, what a whole kooky cereal bowl.”

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