Rogue Transmissions: Tal Minear

Welcome to Rogue Transmissions: a nonfiction interview series!

Our guest today is Tal Minear. Learn more about Sidequesting at

While we’re between seasons, we’re going to offer you some additional content to make those distances in space seem a bit closer! This is the first of those, a series of interviews with other creative types hosted by our ‘Michell’ and now co-producer, Cass McPhee.

Theme song is “Gestar” by the band RAMP: You can find more information on the show at You can also find us at Monkeyman Productions on Facebook, and as @MonkeymanProd on Twitter.

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Thanks so much for listening! We’ll have more coming soon – additional interviews with some amazing folks, we’ll be sharing the COMBINED S2 in just a couple of weeks, and we’ve got the WiFiSciFi live show on April 25th in Seattle! Keep following the feed!

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